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Having a bucket list keeps me positive!

I’m really lucky in that I’ve already had many positive life experiences. As well as being a wife and mum, I’ve done so many cool things such as standing on the roof of the Houses of Parliament in London (arranged years ago by someone who worked there), going on a protest march, travelling to East Asia, having a tattoo, performing musically in some amazing venues, etc. but I’m now on my second bucket list and it’s this that keeps me looking forward!



I did my first bucket list during my 30s with the aim of doing 40 things before I turned 40. I guess that I’ve always been someone who’s liked a challenge and who believes that we can create our own memories. I’ve already mentioned on here about sitting in the back of a police car but there were lots of other things. One of the coolest things was to drive a tractor! A friend of a friend of a friend was a farmer and word got to him that I fancied driving a tractor around a field…..so plans were made for me to drive both an old and modern tractor. I clearly have a thing about transport as I also drove an HGV on some private land and had a free trial motorbike lesson. So, none of these cost money and sometimes it’s who you know that can make things happen. Similarly, a friend knew a milk farmer who arranged for me to milk a cow and that was kinda the weirdest thing I’ve done but I soon got the hang of it. What I’ve found is that when word gets out amongst friends and colleagues, they can help generate some ideas or find ways to help. I blogged during my 40 list too and had various people say that they had been inspired to start thinking of their aspirations too!

Once I reached 40, I took out a few years of ‘just living’ but when I reached 45, it was that point where the next big ‘-0’ birthday was within reach and I started to think about what else I’d like to do. I really hope to travel extensively and I’m enjoying other people’s blogs about whereabouts in the world they’ve got to.

The past 7 days since going to Chichester and stunning West Wittering have been spent inside because of the snow and I’ve been starting to get cabin fever! It can be too easy to stay inside sometimes but having a list of things to do can bring a focus. If the sky is blue, if I’ve got the time and if the countryside is free of snow, I’d be out there! My next thing to do is go to Wells in Somerset which is England’s smallest city and it’s doable to get there and back in a day. The roads here in Sussex are clear but I know the south west might not be so accessible so that will have to wait for another weekend. But my voucher for the half day owl experience has arrived and I’ll be doing this with my son. The farmer has various owls and we’re going to be feeding the owls, have them swoop down onto our arms, etc. so hopefully the date will be firmed up very shortly for when the weather’s a bit warmer. My current list of challenges can be found here:¬†https://sarah50.blog/about/


So for me, amongst work and family life, having that bucket list keeps me positive, thinking about what’s going to bring that next moment when you think ‘Wow, I did it’ or ‘Wow, look at that!’ Life can become monotonous sometimes but we’ve all got the power within ourselves to make those magic moments happen.

I do not have the fingers to play a ukulele!


I might be a grade 8 pianist and I might have had lessons on countless other instruments like the trumpet, clarinet and violin but learning to play the ukulele is harder than I thought! My ’50 things to do before’ challenge is to ‘Learn to play something on the ukulele’ but, with a bit of Beatles influence, it’s now to ‘Learn to play ‘Something’ on the ukulele’!

So, I’ve mastered a few chords and, for others, I can see where my fingers are meant to go but how on earth do you actually move them in a split second?! I seem to simultaneously lack enough fingers to play the chords whilst having too many fingers that make it all rather cluttered…..and my fingers are fumbling over each other to get into position. But onwards and upwards, Sarah

Pulled a pint behind the bar!


In the past week, I managed to tick off another challenge……pull a pint behind a bar. Just like the time in my 30s when I asked a policeman in the middle of Leicester Square, London if I could sit in the back of his police car, it just goes to show that people are often more than happy to help if you explain that you’d like to do something.

Last week, I was out for dinner with friends and got talking about my challenges. The restaurant was fairly quiet and when I read out to them about having never pulled a pint behind the bar, my friends and I though it seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask if I could and the waitress was more than happy for me to do it. My first attempt was rather funny as it appeared as if I had filled the pint glass with milk! So much head and really not a lot of beer! But my second attempt was far better after being shown how to pull a pint properly. So, yay, another one done!

Next week, I’m planning on seeing the Christmas Coca Cola lorry down in Brighton which I am just buzzing about!!!! Am very excited about that one and I’ve also emailed a group about doing some voluntary work with adults who have learning difficulties, Down Syndrome, etc. My plan is to do at least 50 hours and with the group meeting one evening a week, that’ll be me set up for the next 6 months or so. Still waiting about the ukulele lessons but, with 2017 nearly through, I feel as if I’ve made a good start. 2018 will hopefully see a bit of travel going on!