Christmas bucket list

There’s something special about Christmas, such as spending time with the family, taking time off from work to do fun things, etc.

With so many things to do from giving to other people to experiencing the Christmas buzz abroad, from finding my inner creative self to trying new activities, I thought it’d be fun to work towards a Christmas Bucket List….as part of my main bucket list.

1. Go carol singing as an adult 

Christmas 12

Achieved: Last year (2018), hubby and I helped to raise money for a local disability club for children and young people by singing Christmas carols in the entrance to Sainsbury’s with a crowd of other people. It was great fun and you can read about it here 


2. Drink eggnog


Still to achieve: I don’t even know what eggnog is except that I assume it contains eggs?! Is it alcoholic?! But I do know that most grandmas in American Christmas films can be found drinking eggnog underneath the tree. We couldn’t find eggnog leading up to Christmas 2018 (although I did try mulled wine) so we’ll check it out again this year.


3. Go to a Christmas market on mainland Europe

christmas 6

Still to achieve: But I’m so excited to tell you that I’m heading to an amazing continental Christmas market on 21 December.


4. Decorate a gingerbread house √

Christmas 10

Achieved: This was a great activity for my husband and me to do together and you can read about it here


5. Make a Christmas cake with hubby

Still to achieve: I need to preface this by explaining how I can’t bake! I can’t even make a Victoria sponge so there is little hope of making a Christmas cake that I would dare share with other people! However, I need to grit my teeth and just give it a go. Look out for an update in the next couple of weeks.


6. Stay in the ice castle in Finland

christmas 7

Still to achieve: Now, this bucket list item is with huge thanks from another blogger who messaged me about what Finland has to offer and this castle was mentioned. I just love these photos and whilst I’ve been to the Ice Bar in London, actually staying in the Ice Castle in Kemi would be a once-in-a-life-time experience. But saying that, I don’t even like driving in the snow and I panic if there’s the tiniest bit of ice on the pavement. Honestly, the tiniest bit of snow coming from the sky and I go on shutdown! So, when we go to the ice castle, I’ll be traipsing around very carefully.


7. Go on a sleigh ride

Christmas 9

Still to achieve: I went on a super horse-drawn carriage at Mont St Michel in France in 2017 that took me from the beautiful fairytale landmark back to my car and I loved it but I’d relish the experience of going on a horse-drawn sleigh. Is there anywhere in the UK that offers this? Do you definitely need snow?!


8. Decorate the front of my home with a Christmas wreath on the front door  √

Christmas 8

Achieved: We’ve never had a front door until now on which you can very easily put up a Christmas wreath. Yes, you can buy suction caps which are meant to hold the weight of the wreath but they didn’t seem to work for us. However, last year, we bought a fabulous wreath with lots of foliage that lights up.


9. Go ice-skating at Somerset House, London

Christmas 11

Still to achieve: Okay, there’s something important that I need to tell you! I can’t ice-skate….or roller skate for that matter! I have memories of trying to ice-skate at Richmond Ice Rink back in the 1980s and clutching the side barriers as I slowly worked my way round. Without doubt, it’s a fear of falling but also of hurting myself. I’d really love to do this although I don’t want to end up on crutches again! But, like some other places with pop-up ice-rinks in London, this looks like a beautiful location.


10. Send family and friends cards that we’ve designed √

Achieved: We don’t actually send many cards but we used a card design company last year and the card sent to family and friends had a photo of hubby dressed up as a reindeer from many years ago along with Christmassy photos of the house decorated from the year before. Really lovely to do as a one-off.


11. Go to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London

Christmas 4

Still to achieve: Again, the online photos look fabulous. It’s located in London’s Hyde Park and is open from November until January. It has over 100 rides and lights up the night sky but there are also wooden huts where you can buy things, eateries, etc. And it’s FREEEEEEEE! I’ve been meaning to go for a while but this is the year I’ll head up to London. I might also check out Harrods and other shops that are known for their beautiful Christmas displays in their windows. Find out more here on the Winter Wonderland website 


12. Donate food to a food bank 

Achieved I really think it’s so important to be aware of other people’s needs. We donated some food last Christmas but have also continued to support the local food bank during 2019. I was lucky to be invited to meet the manager and see behind the scenes which highlighted the incredible work being done. I’ll be joining other volunteers one morning in December to gather donations from the local community and put in bags ready to be collected in the days leading up to this Christmas.


13. Donate toys to a toy bank

Still to achieve: Similarly, there’s a real need for toys too. So many families have a very difficult time so it’d be great if we can put a smile on the faces of some children. One organisation that asks for gifts is the Salvation Army 


14. Photograph a Coca Cola Christmas Truck 

christmas 3

Achieved: I think when the adverts are shown on TV, it’s almost like a sign that the Christmas season has started. I’m so excited to hear the music chanting “Holidays are coming. Holidays are coming“. Read about it here


15. Feed a reindeer 


Achieved: Until last year, I had no idea whether this was even possible. However, I googled ‘feed a reindeer near me’ and the The Reindeer Centre in Bethersden, Kent came up. Such an incredible experience which you can read about here


16. Watch a Christmas film at the Backyard Cinema

Still to achieve: The Backyard Cinema gives visitors the most immerse, beautiful experiences such as walking through the enchanting Christmas labyrinth, drinking mulled wine, lounging on beanbags whilst watching classic films. What film could be better than Elf?! Or perhaps Die Hard….yes, that IS a Christmas film! Check out all the incredible events year-round here.


17. Go to Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre

Still to achieve: I happened to stumble across details for this Christmas fayre, set in a castle, when finding what’s on in Herefordshire and Leicestershire when I go away for a weekend next month. In my quest to visit all of England 48 counties (having restarted the counter at 0 in August 2017), I found this most magical event which looks absolutely enticing. You can read more about it


18. Walk down Carnaby Street, London at Christmas

Achieved: It had been many, many years since I’d ‘done’ London at Christmas. However, I packed so much into my day because as well as walking down Carnaby Street under the lyrics of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, I went to many other iconic locations. The historic department store Liberty was extraordinary, I saw people ice-skate on the roof of the John Lewis flagship store and no trip to London would have been complete without a visit to Hamleys toy shop!


I would like to have 25 things on this Christmas bucket list so, if you can think of anything, please do let me know! xx