Sarah’s main bucket list



Leading up to my 40th birthday, I set myself a bucket list of 40 things and had so many amazing experiences like driving an HGV, eating lunch in a prison, hosting a radio show, milking a cow, seeing a volcano, etc. (see below to find out what else I did!) Now, leading up to my 50th, I’ve decided to do it again……

Experiences completed so far:

  1. Paid for a family’s meal in a restaurant without them knowing who paid
  2. Saw an original Banksy work
  3. Visited the Roman Baths
  4. Saw the Magna Carta in Salisbury
  5. Visited a Commonwealth war grave
  6. Visited the Palace of Versailles
  7. On TripAdvisor, reached 55,000 readers, got ‘top contributor’ badge, ‘top photographer’ badge and more than 30 ‘helpful votes’ from other people
  8. Went on holiday on my own – 7 days in France
  9. Went to the Hellfire Caves, Buckinghamshire
  10. Went to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular show
  11. Pulled a pint behind the bar
  12. Joined the National Trust and used our membership 3 times
  13. Learnt to play ‘Something’ on the ukulele
  14. Went up to the viewing deck of The Shard, London
  15. Did a snow angel
  16. Trained at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience
  17. Slept in a 4 poster bed
  18. Photographed colourful Neal’s Yard, London
  19. Visited the Sky Garden, London
  20. Photographed the 9 3/4 Harry Potter platform sign at Kings Cross Station, London
  21. Went to the British Museum

Experiences in progress:

  • Try 50 new foods, including foods not tried since childhood
  • Explore 10 UK cities (so far: Exeter, Salisbury, Canterbury, Bath, Chichester, Wells, Winchester, City of London)
  • Visit all of England’s 48 ceremonial counties
  • Take a photo of Mont St. Michel, France (done) and St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall
  • Do 50 hours of voluntary work
  • Visit 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites anywhere in the world that aren’t directly linked to my other challenges (so far: Kew Gardens, Richmond; Stonehenge/Avebury/Silbury Hill)
  • Visit 10 filming locations of films I’ve seen (So far: Bridget Jones (London and Shere), Four Weddings and a Funeral (London), Sliding Doors (Docklands), Harry Potter (entrance to the Leaky Cauldron,┬áLondon), Notting Hill (the blue door), Love Actually (St. Luke’s Mews), The Holiday (Shere), Hot Fuzz (Wells)
  • Visit Venice in Italy, Little Venice in London (done) and Little Venice in Colmar, France

Experiences yet to achieve (list still being added to):

  • Complete a furniture hack
  • Do a ‘Dino Snores for Grown Ups’ sleepover at the Natural History Museum, London
  • Go through the Eurotunnel
  • Learn to read Braille
  • Eat at Dans le Noir, London where you eat in the dark!
  • Complete a beginner’s course to learn a new language
  • Play bingo
  • Sleep in a castle
  • Go on the Orient Express
  • Photograph the Lordington lavender fields in July
  • Walk through the Alnwick Poison Gardens
  • Take a photo of the Lands End sign
  • Watch Liverpool FC play at Anfield
  • Drink whiskey in Scotland
  • Complete a 50-theme photography bucket list
  • Go to Eurovision in 2019
  • Go to the ballet
  • Take part in International Pillow Fight Day
  • Go in a hot tub
  • Have a kestrel or owl swoop down onto a gloved hand
  • Photograph the Coca Cola Christmas truck (as seen in the tv adverts)
  • Knit a blanket for charity
  • With a zoo keeper, spend time feeding either monkeys or sloths
  • Have a go at church bell ringing
  • Operate a drone
  • Create an object in a blacksmith’s forge
  • Have a professional manicure
  • Drive down Hardnott Pass in the Lake District
  • Have lunch on No Man’s Fort, Portsmouth
  • Go glamping
  • Go to a drive-in movie
  • Have high tea at ‘Downtown Abbey’ (Highclere Castle)
  • Watch a sporting event at the Olympic stadium in London
  • Visit 10 countries that I’ve never been to before
  • Go to a festival
  • Watch England play netball at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022
  • Go to a desert or rain forest
  • Drive along Route 66
  • Go to Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter
  • Serve food to the homeless
  • Photograph the Angel of the North
  • Go on a cruise
  • Operate a pneumatic drill
  • Fill and bury a time capsule

…….and just in case you wondered what some of the things were I did leading up to my 40th, I wired a plug, milked a cow, co-hosted a radio show, hosted my own radio show, drove an HGV, drove a tractor, had a trial motorbike lesson, obtained 70 post-nominal letters from post-graduate training, etc., went to the Ice Bar in London, attended a belly dancing lesson, sat in the back of a police car, went in a police cell, saw a volcano, saw a glacier, performed at the London Street Piano event, was a counting assistant in the UK voting process (including for the EU referendum), wore a wig for a day, got 100 followers on my blog, went on a London Duck Tour, ate lunch in a prison, spent an evening at the Portsmouth Play Zone on adults night, went clubbing, took part in a musical flash mob, went on a cookery day course and then replicated the meal for friends, got my belly button pierced, ate a Brussel sprout, made a piece of jewellery and wore it at a social function, went to a betting shop and placed a bet on the Grand National…..amongst others!