Lockdown week 5: Creating a personal sanctuary whilst reaching out

Last night here in the UK, there was a really super charity fundraising event on BBC1 hosted by some of the country’s best known TV presenters with contributions from comedians, actors, sportspeople and so many more. Even Prince William made a comedic appearance with Stephen Fry! Whilst coronavirus was the backdrop to the event and the event acknowledged the very serious impact on people’s lives, I felt it just oozed positivity and a real sense of all being in this together.

The view from our bedroom window

And nothing more illustrates this than every Thursday at 8pm where we continue to come out of our front doors, look out our windows and step onto our boundaries to applaud the NHS and frontline workers. The applause can be heard all around our village as the trees on village green are lit up in blue. And it’s an amazing opportunity to catch up with neighbours. We know the people on either side of us very well but we have a lady over the road who keeps herself to herself and is rarely seen, especially as she parks her car behind her house and doesn’t go through her front door. Last week, I noticed her open her front door for the applause but I was caught up in conversation with our elderly neighbours so I was really keen this Thursday to reach out to this lady whom I’d heard was widowed last year. So I was really pleased to find her reciprocate a wave from my doorstep before I wandered over to her path and chat for about 15 minutes. Just coming away with first names exchanged, a catch up about how she’s doing and her knowing that she can let tell us if she needs help was really lovely. Human connection is priceless!

I will admit that I’ve found things hard over the past week and wasn’t feeling the blogging vibe last weekend. If I could be anywhere right now, I’d love to be in Paris. No doubt about it! I had a day trip in the French capital last year (which you can read about here) but I thought that if I can’t go to Paris, perhaps a piece of Paris can come to me! So, we have one newly decorated bedroom and this canvas print which I bought online from Wayfair. I might add some pretty lights to our room too. I’m a real sucker for anywhere with pretty white lights so perhaps it’s something else to do to create a sanctuary.

We’ve found that more and more places are offering delivery, whether it’s trays of 30 eggs, crates of fresh fruit and veg, or restaurants bringing Spanish, Italian or BBQ. Last night, we ordered in from a local farm and I had this humongous chicken Caesar salad turn up. Yum! We haven’t tried tapas yet but I’m hoping to do this very soon so hubby and I can have a date sitting in our garden one evening….with pretty lights of course!

And finally, I’m going to read more. This is actually embarrassing as I spend my professional life encouraging others to read, advocating all the positives yet I’ve read just one book cover to cover as an adult! I have Irlen Syndrome which causes black text to look blurry and makes reading physically tiring. But I didn’t realise that we have access to thousands of books with our Amazon Prime membership and I’ve chosen to download this one onto my iPad. So, I might take myself up to our bedroom and imagine I’m reading this whilst sitting on the banks of the river Seine!

Never more has saying ‘take care’ feel so important but I really hope you all stay safe and have a positive week in your own sanctuaries xx


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