Lockdown week 3… still adding ideas to the bucket list :)

Hello folks

How’re you doing?

So, I thought I’d share with you some things I’ve done this week but, in the quest to stay positive and look ahead, I’m also adding 3 things to my bucket list. Despite what’s happening in the world, we can still plan for the days when we can roam once again and, you know, I’ll never again take for granted the freedom we usually have!

This week has been reasonably busy with almost daily walks, studying various things (German, Makaton and for a counselling skills qualification), and chatting with friends. I had a fabulous catch-up with a neighbour where we sat on our driveways metres apart with a drink and also dinner with a friend where we ate together over FaceTime! I’ve had daily lunch with my hubby who’s working from home which has been a real treat. I’ve decorated the cloakroom, a small wall in the kitchen and some of the back garden fence panels with plans to paint the banister up the stairs and our bedroom.

Our village pond
Our kitchen one night when hubby went to bed…..
……and the kitchen the next morning when he woke up!

So, what new ideas have I come up with?

First, I’d love to capture sunrise over London when sitting on Primrose Hill. It’s one of the few London boroughs I haven’t visited but it’s often featured in films with its colourful Regency townhouses and Victorian terraces. It’s from the top of the hilly park where you can see London’s skyline. Another place to mention with a stunning London skyline is Greenwich Park which is where I took the photo at the top of this post during the 2018 heatwave. It’s right next to the Royal Greenwich Observatory where you can stand on the Meridian time line. And lastly, another place to check out is London’s 24 hour Duck and Waffle Restaurant which gave me the best sunrise experience EVER from 40 floors up! Feel free to read about it here.

Second, I’d love to go to an escape room! Yes, perhaps staying home and not going out on my adventures has inspired this idea but they sound good fun and hubby said that he’s up for doing this with me. There’s one very near here. Have you gone to an escape room? How did you find it? I’d love to know!

Third, as I posted on my Facebook page the other day, I would absolutely love to go to see the tulips in the Netherlands. Although the Keukenhof Tulip Exhibition isn’t on this year, the photos online look stunning and are a colourful burst of joy that I will head to next year or 2022.

On top of this, I still want to do all the other things on my bucket list before I turn 50 like visiting 10 new countries, seeing friends in Seattle, having lunch on No Man’s Fort in Portsmouth, going to a desert, using a pneumatic drill, knocking down a partition wall in a house, going on the sleeper train from Paris to Venice, having a trial helicopter lesson, seeing a show at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall and so much more!

Before I go, feel free to ‘like’ my Facebook page ‘Bucket List to Happiness’ where this blog appears and the occasional other post when I’m gallivanting all over the country and finding myself on day trips to France and Belgium!

Well, stay safe everyone and hope you can still create moments of joy and contentment in the week ahead

Sarah xx

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