Lockdown week 2… adapting to change!

Hey guys

How are you all? Hope you’ve been okay and you’re staying safe and well, wherever you are in the world.

Here in the UK, we’re coming towards the end of our second week in lockdown and, in all honesty, I’ve found it a little bit tricky. With my business and main volunteering role suspended until it’s safe again and no venturing out to new places to share with you, it’s left quite a void in my week. And I will admit that as I tied up the final bits of my business last Monday, I threw a pity party for myself! Yes, I allowed myself to have a really miserable day and a bit of a cry but then I thought to myself “Right, Sarah, come on girl. This isn’t going to be forever. Let’s make a plan”!! Although I had a couple of bits to already focus on, I knew that I really needed to structure my weeks when I’m not working. So, I’d love to share with you what I’ve been up to.

1. Learnt 10 Makaton signs. Yes, as well as continuing to learn German each day, I now know the Makaton signs for good, bad, thank you, hungry, thirsty, toilet, finished, jigsaw, Mum and Dad. Hopefully this will come in use when my volunteering role continues but I’ve got 40 more signs to learn! Yes, my bucket list challenge is to learn 50 signs in all (do check out the menu to see my full bucket list).

2. Went to a drive thru farm shop. What a great experience where everything is contactless, from ordering the food to paying to then having the food to put in our car boot without us even having to leave our car. But there again, this is Tulley’s Farm in West Sussex, just a short drive from our house and known for its award-winning Shocktober Fest each October which is Europe’s biggest Halloween scream park. And even with the drive-thru, you can tell that these guys are great at putting on events and using their out-of-the-box thinking. You can read about my first visit to Shocktober Fest here. This is SO worth a visit!

3. Make the village smile! Well, that’s the hope anyway. I’ve decided that I’m going to decorate the kitchen window with a new theme each week so that people walking past and enjoying their daily exercise can smile. Hopefully it’ll give children something to look out for. This week’s theme, Easter, will be up until Easter Monday but I’m not sure what the next one will be but, if you have ideas, do let me know! I’ve got loads of coloured card here and I’ll post photos each weekend.

4. Study, study, study! As family and friends know, I love studying! I don’t think I have it in me any more to do a doctorate but every day can still be a school day. As well as Makaton and German, I’ve been doing work-related professional development webinars and I’m also about to embark on a counselling skills qualification that will take 4 months and could be the first step to slightly diversifying work-wise. I’m also waiting to hear if I’ve been accepted onto the training to become an online mental health crisis volunteer. So, even though I’m not working right now, there’s still plenty out there which costs nothing or very little and will more than happily fill my time.

5. Not a pyjama day in sight! Am I the only person who likes a pj day?! Usually, I LOVE these! But I’ve been pretty strict with myself since lockdown started and made sure that I still get dressed….even though it may not be super early. And, right now, that’s probably doing me the power of good and sets me up to go for a walk nearly every day. But even if the occasional pj day slips in over the next few weeks, that’s okay too!

And you know, today, I should have been setting off on a P&O 7 night cruise to Porto, Lisbon, Vigo and Guernsey and I am gutted. I was really looking forward to lounging about on my balcony, exploring these cities and having a bit of ‘me’ time BUT I’m determined more than ever to still have a good week!

So, guys, take special care this week. I sincerely mean that. And if you’ve got ideas for my kitchen window display themes, please do let me know

Sarah xx

In case you missed it: First week under lockdown including seeing how London turned blue for the NHS


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