Lockdown week 1… I’ve kept myself busy!

Hey folks

So, last weekend, I shared with you that my bucket list journey will continue regardless and I set out 3 things I wanted to work on. So, I thought I’d share with you how I’m doing and also other things I’ve been up to this week.

1. Learn a language

In just under a week, I’m grasping the very basics of German using the DuoLingo app (which is free). Although it’s very repetitive, I’m getting there in learning to read, write and speak the language although I can currently do little more than ask for water and bread! Here’s a screenshot:

2. Learn Makaton

I haven’t started this one yet but I’ve decided that the target will be to learn 50 signs as my bucket list is all about the things I’d like to achieve before I turn 50. More about that next weekend!

3. Look for online volunteering opportunities

Progress has been made and, in fact, I’ve got 2 opportunities in the pipeline.

I’m in the process of applying to be an online mental health crisis volunteer and, with references already submitted, my application is being reviewed.

Here in the U.K., our prime minister asked for 250,000 people to step forward to be NHS volunteers in this pandemic, hoping to reach this number over a few days. Well, in true British spirit, more than 400,000 people signed up in under 24 hours and the number has now grown to more than 750,000 of which I’m just one. Whether it’s transporting patients, transporting medical equipment, working as community responders or phoning people who are isolated, this is just the most amazing collective response.

…..and talking of collective responses, did you see on your news that on Thursday at 8pm, thousands upon thousands of people in the U.K. stepped out of their front doors, stood at their windows and looked out at on their balconies and applauded our country’s heroes keeping the country going…from the NHS staff to supermarket staff, from teachers looking after key workers’ children to logistics staff. And the clapping of hands, ringing of church bells, banging of saucepans, etc could be heard from so far away. Just one of the most extraordinary moments of my life that brought a huge lump to my throat. London also lit many landmarks blue in recognition.

Other things

I’ve been going out for daily walks (which we’re allowed to do whilst socially distancing) and, yesterday, I walked down the hill to my village pond.

Apart from that, I’ve been doing a bit of work, sorted my wardrobe, decorated a room, shared a vlog on Facebook, had long phone chats with family and friends, saw Venus very clearly, watched the International Space Station fly over my house AND even took part in a Zoom dance party with mainly Americans who also love the programme Crazy Ex Girlfriend!

Hope you’re all okay. Keep safe and more next weekend

Sarah xx


  1. Hello Sarah.

    How nice to read that you learning a new language – German! I know it, but noy enough to make my posts in it. My wife started to learn it about 15 years ago. She had some basics, but when I started to record “Deutche Welle” to C-cassette, which she listened while driving to her job, she made some progress. During two years she listened 30-minutes programs on way to her job and then she decided to ordered from Germany “Freizeit Revue”. This marked a turning point in her German skills.

    Another way to practice German, is to watch German TV-programs. We are lucky, because in Finland our national TV-company presents many German crime series. They are awesome, because we can compare them with the corresponding series of other countries.

    This not all, when thinking how to learn more German. There are two keywords: Internet and VPN. You can watch German TV-stations in Internet! If you are not using VPN, then you should consider to get it. I have used it long time in my life. When using it, you change IP-address of the country you want. When changing your IP-address to German, you can watch German Internet TV-stations. Our Absolute favorite is ZDF. It offers every kind of programs. It has also huge number of old programs.

    Because our world has changed since my wife listened to C-cassettes while driving, we can listen to radio stations around the world thru our phones. Phones you can connect to your car radio. We always listen to distance radio stations when on a road trip. My favorite music stations are in South America.

    Stay safe and healthy!

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    1. Thank you so much for such a detailed comment. Wow! Lots of great ideas. Yes, it’s amazing how our ears start tuning into the language when we immerse ourselves in it. I found last year when I travelled to France a couple of times and had French radio on in the car that, as time went on, I was recalling more and more of my school level French! Hope you have a good weekend 😊

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