The bucket list WILL continue!

Hey folks

I know some of you have very kindly followed my blog for a while whereas others may be coming across it for the first time so I thought I would say a quick ‘hello’ and tell you very briefly about myself, including what my blog is all about.

So, my name’s Sarah and I live in the UK. Leading up to my 40th birthday, I challenged myself to tick 40 things off my bucket list and, having had such fun, and I’ve been doing the same again as I head towards my 50th. You can see what I’ve done if you look around my site such as joining the police for a night shift, completing 50 hours of voluntary work, eating in a treehouse restaurant and doing an off-road driving experience. I’ve also blogged about day trips as I love to venture out most weekends.

In these very scary times, my work as a freelance specialist education consultant is very likely to dry up for a while and I won’t be going on my usual adventures so I thought what can I do? What can I do it at home that still means I feel like I’m working towards something? So, these are 3 things I plan to do over the next few months:

1. Learn a new language. This is something that’s been on my bucket list for a while so during the weekend, I’m going to find an online program to learn German and my aim is to be able to write a short paragraph about myself in German completely independently.

2. I’m going to learn Makaton. You may be thinking ‘What’s Makaton?’! Well, it’s a simplified version of sign language and it’s something that I could use in my voluntary work for young people with complex learning needs. I would love to be able to go back after this virus settles down and communicate better with those who find it hard to speak. I did contact the Makaton Charity to see if they do online training but they don’t so I’m just going to get resourceful!

3. I’m going to look for an online volunteering opportunity. The charity I’ve volunteered for since January 2018 has suspended all activities for now which is completely understandable. So, I’d love to something online where I can support others perhaps around mental health or education. Watch this space!

I’m also going to use this time at home doing some decorating, sitting in my garden as much as possible and creating a photo book of all my adventures. This week, I’ve been building a photo wall in my dining room and I thought I’d share this with you. These are various photos I’ve taken whilst out on my adventures.

And, to save you zooming in, here are the photos!

But I’m going to set you a challenge! Where do you think the above photos were taken? I wonder who will work out the most (my hubby is totally excluded from this!). Answers will be revealed next weekend when I’ll also let you know how I’ve got on.

But take special care right now and remember to focus on what you CAN do



    1. Aw, thank you so much! That’s really kind of you. I’ve been learning the basics over the past couple of days and I’m doing a short stint issues every day which I’ll share at the weekend. I really love Germany. We’ve always met very friendly people there 😊

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  1. Lovely pictures. Look so professional but obviously bring back memories for you as to the interesting places you have visited.
    Well done on learning German. Not an easy language but great there are people happy to help you like Hannah.

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