Mamma Mia…here we go again

Hey guys. Well, last weekend, I went to see Mamma Mia the musical in Southampton which is on national tour around the UK. It has just the same charm as the original film, the actors are super talented, the songs are recognisable to most of us and it certainly leaves people tapping their feet by the time they leave the theatre. However, I have a confession to make…I left halfway through. Yes, I left at the interval and I’ve been in two minds about whether to tell you this. You see, it can be so easy to do or not do things because of other people’s expectations. Some people might exclaim that it was such a waste of money. But time is so precious to me and by halfway through the show, I’d had my fix of ABBA and leaving was the right thing to do. But do go and see the show if you can which finishes in Southampton today but will soon be at its next venue.

In fact, this isn’t the first time I’ve left a show halfway through. I wonder if there’s a market for selling tickets for only the second act of shows because I might just be onto something! Hubby and I went to see the Russian State Ballet about 18 months ago and we decided by the interval that ballet isn’t our thing. There’s frankly too much dance!! Instead, we snuck out of the theatre like children bunking school and went to a sumptuous dessert restaurant feeling as if we’d been very naughty indeed!

I’ve decided to confront a fear that I developed a few years ago…flying. Despite travelling lots as a child with many trips to the US, Canada, Hong Kong, all over Europe, etc. I’ve developed a fear of flying and there’s absolutely no reason for it. The last time I flew anywhere was back in 2011 when I went to Iceland with the family and I remember on that flight desperately holding in the tears so that my children wouldn’t pick up on my nerves. I mean, I should be confident flying as my dad worked for British Airways and I’d sometimes go away with him on night stops. So.…..drum roll please….I’m going to go on at least two weekend breaks this year by plane…coronavirus depending of course. Just very cheap tickets going early Saturday morning and coming back late Sunday evening but it’s all part of my bucket list goal to visit 10 new countries before I turn 50. Next weekend, I’ll tell you about my 2020 travel plans including a holiday with 4 destinations that starts 5 weeks today.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend XX