Winter Lights Festival, London…and it’s FREE!

Now in its 6th year, this arts festival is truly pulling in the crowds. Although it’s easy to assume that Canary Wharf is just one of London’s business and financial districts as you stare up at the skyscrapers kissing the clouds, you may not realise that there are 3 shopping malls and 2,500 car park spaces underground making this a place for everyone. There are also lots of restaurants, gardens and statues making it a super place to mill around at any time of the year. You get 3 hours of free parking at the weekends and the London Underground will bring you right into the middle of the action.

The Winter Lights Festival finishes next Sunday (26th January) and is a great place to check out as the sun begins to fall. As the map below shows, there are 26 art installations dotted around the area so you can either follow the trail or head towards your favourite ones. Having visited here for the first time last year, I couldn’t wait to return last night and I hope I can entice anyone living in or around London to check it out too.

The hour after sunset is my favourite time to take night shots, just when the light is going. These coloured fountains were great fun and were dancing to the music being blasted around the area.

This festival is truly international with artists coming from all over the world. The lit words to the right are saying ‘I love you’ in Romanian.

One of my favourite art installations is a waterfall with words magically appearing that are being transmitted from current news websites such as The Guardian. Of course, as it gets darker, the words stand out more and there’s something really fun about shouting out the words in unison with the onlooking crowd as the words quickly descend! So clever with the word ‘property’ flashing before our eyes ♥️

This and all the other art installations are dotted about over quite a wide area which means there’s plenty of space for the crowds to spread out. And you can get close up and personal with all of them!

This is a bra tree!, Yes, you did read that right! It has bras hanging from it including from the top branches. Why? Well, it’s to do with the raising awareness of breast cancer and treatment.

And here’s a collection of 100 lit red hoops to walk through on your way to Cabot Square 😄

These 3 clocks are part of a set of 6, each one displaying a single number on each side. These are here all year round and, for me, are really iconic of Canary Wharf.

I am such a sucker for sunsets! I caught this one by chance after what had been a sunny but very crisp day ♥️

May I say a special welcome to people who’ve started to follow me recently. I know I’ve had a few new people join in just the past few days so thank you! If you want to know more, please feel free to read all about me here. I’m so glad you’re joining me on my quest to explore, create memories and hopefully inspire. I have so much planned for this year…watch this space xx


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