A weekend escape. How far away could you get?!

If you had the opportunity to go away for a weekend, how far away from your home could you get? There are just two rules to our imaginary game: first, you’re not allowed to catch a plane and, second, you must be back in your home within 48 hours of leaving. I know that the lovely readers and followers of my blog come from so many countries around the world and some of you may not be able to even reach another country in that time. As someone mentioned the other day on one of my posts, we’re very lucky in Europe that many countries are pretty close to each other although, living in the England, we still have the English Channel between us and France.

I’ve decided to set myself this challenge and I have a trip planned for later this year to a destination that I’ll reveal once I’m there. However, my hubby thought the route and destination sounded utterly cool 😊 Whilst exploring new places is super exciting, I personally love the planning too as it feels as if I go to my destination twice! I love reading other people’s blogs, looking up various websites to inspire me and checking out photos that make me feel as if I’m there already. And by booking as far ahead as possible, the cost of my trip is surprisingly SO much cheaper than I thought it would be. Definitely pays to plan ahead…at least in this case.

For anyone living in the U.K. with access to BBC iPlayer, there’s a series available for the next two weeks which was originally shown last year and which I’ve just watched for a second time. Race Across the World has absolutely inspired me. Its premise is that couples race against each other to travel from London to Singapore without catching a plane, without their smartphones, without credit cards and without access to the Internet. All they have is the cash equivalent to a plane ticket covering the same journey. They have various checkpoints to reach that take them through spectacular and contrasting landscapes and they clearly have the most incredible experiences of their lives. And it turns out that two more series are being made. So whilst my 48 hour trip won’t get me to Singapore, it’ll take me much further than recent day trips to Paris and Brussels.

But please do you let me know where you would go. Perhaps your ideas will inspire my future travels! xx


    1. Ooh, Naples would be amazing for lunch ♥️ Yes, the show is so inspirational and has really made me think about a much bigger adventure next year…or perhaps even later this year! xx


  1. I watched Race across the world last year, it definitely had me hooked!
    I’ve been on a few shortish flights to places such as Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Paris & Berlin. My fave would have to be Reykjavik in Iceland. I would love to go to Lisbon and/or Belfast and the channel Islands. x

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    1. Sounds like you’ve been to some fabulous places. I absolutely loved Reykjavík and everything that Iceland had to offer. Such a stunning place. Lisbon and Guernsey are on the itinerary for a cruise I’m doing in April so I’m looking forward to checking out these places and will block all about them. I hadn’t thought of Berlin but that might be added to my travel list – thank you! xx


  2. Living in Brisbane, Australia I think driving to Sydney & return would be doable but I won’t be able to stop except for petrol (about a 10 hr drive) or have that much time in Sydney but it probably be the furtherest I could go without flying. Closer to home I could go to Byron Bay, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast pretty easily for 48 hours 🙂

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      1. We’re luck where we are but down south in NSW & Victoria has been awful. Fingers crossed it starts to slow down for them now so people can start to rebuild their lives

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