Hello 2020. Let’s get planning!

Ooh, I do like a new year! It’s a bit like getting a new exercise book when you’re at school…each page is unspoilt and it just feels ‘nice’ to write on. You may want to keep everything inside the book super neat, fill it with positivity and write some cracking stories! For me, new year is that moment to perhaps plan a few things over the next 12 months whilst still fully embracing the spontaneity of what each day may bring.

When I blogged the other day about my top 10 things of 2019, I mentioned how I ask for travel vouchers and entrance tickets for birthday and Christmas presents. There’s nothing that I need for my home or personally but, as someone who likes to get out and explore, receiving such generous presents helps to reduce the cost of my antics. So, here are 5 things I’ve got planned so far for this year.

Bletchley Park

I was so excited to get this gift ticket and just look at the presentation folder! Back in the days of World War II, it was the secret home of men and women code breaking and the exhibition is meant to be really fascinating. My knowledge of history is truly laughable but I always learn more if I venture to places like this rather than just read about them.


On my quest to visit 10 new countries before I turn 50, this is the first to be ticked off with the holiday booked for April. I’m off for 7 nights on my own which really suits me. Yes, we live in a technology based world now with digital information at our finger tips but you just can’t beat pocket sized travel books to reveal places that would otherwise not even be considered.

The Deep, Hull

I do like an aquarium! My favourite so far is in Boulogne, France but I could just watch the sea life for hours. There’s something rather mesmerising about seeing the creatures slowly swim around. Time to time, I post a photo of my U.K. scratch map where I’m aiming to visit all of England’s 48 counties and I have just 4 more to literally scratch off. You may think that Hull is a pretty long way to go to see fish but my journey will take me through Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire which means accomplishing another bucket list goal. So, an overnight stay in a Premier Inn is all I need to book as I was generously given the aquarium entrance ticket as a Christmas present.

The Royal Mint in Wales

I’m going to tell you more in a few days’ time but I’ll let you know into a secret that almost nobody knows. I love coins!!! There, I’ve said it. I am a very new coin collector who’s developed an interest in collecting 50 pence pieces. I have just 12 so far (although I’m collecting special 10p and £2 coins too) but it’s been very exciting to check my change in shops and look for new ones. I keep coming across the Paddington Bear set. So, I’m going to go where British money is made which will be cool…if, er, you like coins 😂 On a geeky note, for anyone reading this who knows me in real life, please do look out for special 50ps as I’d be more than happy to swap them for regular coins. But let’s keep this between us! ‘Tis a secret!

Beckonscot Model Village and Railway

Every time I travel on a particular motorway just outside of London, I see a large sign for ‘model village’ and it gets me thinking! Am I being signposted to this incredible place that epitomises the best of British villages? Can it claim this title due to its array of upstanding members of the community and perfectly manicured front lawns you could find only in Wisteria Lane? Is this model village the one that my village and all others need to hold in high esteem and one day dream to be like?! No, of course not and the only thing about being a model village is that everything’s in miniature! Definitely a day trip for the summer.

So, I’m feeling content that there is a loose plan in place for this year but anyone who’s been following me over the last two years will know that I’m just as likely to wake up one morning and, on impulse, decide that I’ll ‘just pop over’ to France for the day!

What have you got planned this year? Anything in particular you’re looking forward to? Xx


  1. I think I must out Bletchley Park on the list for the next England visit.
    This year we are going to the Yukon for the summer solstice; it’s been on my list for decades. I love the longest day of the year and to see the midnight sun in all its glory will be fab!
    Not sure where else we might go yet.

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    1. Oh wow about the Yukon. I’ve seen it on tv but it sounds like it’ll be an incredible trip. Hope you have a super time. In a few days time, I’ll be blogging about where I’ll be on the longest day of the year. Can’t wait but good to enjoy every day before then too 😊

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