Another weekend, another English castle

After visiting the medieval Christmas fayre at Ludlow Castle two weeks ago and the Christmas market at Leeds Castle last weekend, you may start to deduce 3 things: 1) I love castles, 2) I seem to like castles with names beginning with L! and 3) I’m a bit of a sucker for a Christmas fayre. I won’t be heading off to any this weekend as my girl is finally coming back from her first term at the University of Edinburgh but I thought I’d update you about my visit to Leeds Castle.

Followers of my blog come from all over the world (thank you!). If you’re familiar with the UK, you may think that I’m referring to the city of Leeds in Yorkshire but in fact Leeds Castle is in Kent, a county in the south-east of England. This castle is known as ‘the loveliest castle in the world’ and I have to agree! Dating back to Saxon times, it’s situated on a lake and attracts over 600,000 visitors each year attending a whole range of events from falconry displays to music concerts. ‘Tis well worth a visit.

Last weekend was really busy for me work-wise but I think sometimes it’s good to push the comfort zone and opt for a walk in the fresh air rather than get into pjs early and cosy up on the sofa. I’ve gone to a few Christmas markets with the largest being Winchester last year and I find that most are quite similar in terms of what is being sold but Leeds had a huge variety of items, from cheese and chutney made in the county of Kent to chocolate treats from France. There was entertainment from a band, a funfair and lots of street food. I had some tasty roasted pepper and tomato soup with bread which was much needed on a cold day. I rarely buy anything at Christmas markets but I did come away with a couple of bags of goodies before the long walk back to the car. If you are interested in attending, you’ll need to be quick as the market finishes this Sunday. I’m going to my 3rd Christmas market of 2019 in just over a week’s time but not in this country! You’ll need to tune in to find out where I’m gallivanting off to.

I’m drafting this post whilst watching the results coming from the UK general election. I am a bit of an election geek and I plan to be up very late seeing the results come in. But if you’ve spotted the staff counting the voting slips and thought “I’d love to do that”, you may well be able to! I was a counting assistant for several elections including the one for the EU Referendum and the buzz in the room was electrifying whilst the beady eyes of the party candidates were looking on intensely. This was on my previous bucket list and if you’d like to have a go as well, do contact your local council and speak to someone in the electoral office.

I can’t believe that 2019 is almost over but, just like I’ve done since starting to blog, I’ve filled the year with new experiences, new places and new goals which I’ll review as the month draws to a close. But with a holiday already booked for April, a weekend up north planned to a new city and many other ideas, I’m sure 2020 will be just as exciting.

I really do appreciate everyone who follows my blog and is joining me on this ride. Thank you xx


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