It’s okay to dream big!

About a week ago, this unexpectedly popped through my front door. Despite having a good feel of the padded envelope and trying to suss out what it could possibly be, a compact mirror from my mum wasn’t the first thing I’d thought of! Being an avid reader of my blog and knowing I’m always up to something, this had caught her attention at a craft sale as she thought the words were very apt.

As some of you will know, I have a bucket list and you can read it here. But it’s got me thinking this morning. Whilst my bucket list is full of lots of things to experience or achieve, what are my longer term goals? If I am to do what it literally says on this tin, am I following my dreams?

As a child, my dreams were to get married (tick), have children (tick), have a professional job (tick) and own my own home (tick). I may have had other dreams like wanting to play the largest pipe organ in the world and changing my middle name to netball but let’s not focus on those! But I have built a successful business, volunteered for a fantastic charity and have truly amazing friends. So what more could I want longer term?

To have a hobby

I have to spend more time alone than I would ideally choose to so I’m often twiddling my thumbs. I’d love to find a hobby that I can do from home. I’ve recently joined a few Facebook groups that are all about upcycling furniture, decoupage and much more and it’s very hard not to be inspired. Perhaps I could find a hobby where I can make items and then sell them at craft fairs. Or a hobby that takes months to build or develop something. This may sound a tad bit geeky but hubby and I have really enjoyed watching a railway modelling competition on TV and we’re looking forward to next week’s final. Some of the displays are just beyond anything I could dream up! Do you have any hobbies, especially things you do from home? I would love to know. Please do tell me in the comments.

Travel more

Once I’ve gone away for a weekend next month, I will have just 4 counties to visit until I’ve visited all 48 English counties since August 2017. In the past two years, I’ve also covered most of Scotland and northern France. But I’d love next year to be the year when I do a big trip abroad……and work towards that goal of visiting 10 new counties. And with our Texan friends moving to Seattle shortly, I will make it over to see them, definitely before I turn 50. Travel more is definitely something I want to do beyond any bucket list.

A new career?

Is it too late to build a new career? No! I absolutely love my job because I get to meet the most amazing people and I hope to make a difference to other people’s lives. But part of me feels that I have gone as far as I can in my line of work with the only other options being to start employing people (which I don’t want to do), writing books, lecturing or studying for a doctorate. So, I’m not sure. This certainly isn’t something to rush into but it’s been sitting at the back of my mind for a little while now. In fact, I know someone who has just become British Airways cabin crew at the age of 55! Now, that’s inspirational! So, hopefully that lightbulb moment will come at the right time.

Hope you have a great weekend xx

One comment

  1. I’m newly semi retired and trying to figure out many things.
    I’ve had hobbies for years and not enough time for them. I regularly refinish old furniture — it’s a lot of work but very satisfying. I don’t paint it but rather strip it and let the wood show its beauty. I also sew clothing , quilt and have started water colour this fall. I wish to travel more but money is always the issue.


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