The thrill of off-road driving!!

Anyone who’s followed my blog for a while will no doubt gather that I love driving! Usually, I’m roaming all over England, Scotland and Northern France on solid tarmac roads but, yesterday, I had one of the most thrilling hours at Mercedes World, in Weybridge, Surrey.

Before my experience, I had lunch in the EQ restaurant with brilliant views of people doing ‘skid pan’ experiences and the Silver Arrows racing at great speed. Although there is a small cinema where I watched the Azerbaijan Grand Prix last year with about 100 strangers, limited time meant that I could have just a quick mooch around luxury cars, some of which were about three times the price of my first home!

And then it was time to head over to the driving experience reception desk. There is nothing more unnerving than being asked to sign a document saying that the activity you’re about to do can result in injury or death! My driving instructor, Paul, was a really amazing guy who was going to guide me through the twists and turns of a stomach-churning route in an Mercedes GLE. But I have to say that I was rather alarmed when I was told the car was only 2 months old. I mean, what if I wrote off the car through a lapse in concentration?! 😬

But I am very pleased to announce that the car is completely unscathed as am I! As you would probably expect, the terrain is there to challenge you and to completely push you out of your comfort zone. You find yourself heading down the ‘ski slope’ as if you’re about to head straight into the ground and driving through water where you’re certain the engine is just going to die! There was huge holes that looked as if a woolly mammoth had walked through the area leaving craters behind it and a gully where the car was intentionally taken to a 28° angle with a tyre hovering more than a foot above the ground! There were moments where I could see the challenge ahead of me and I just belly laughed saying “Really?” In fact, I would say that I was super calm all the way road telling myself that many other people had survived the challenge but it was interspersed with moments of laughter and just enjoying every second of the experience.

So, this is yet another challenge ticked off my bucket list. I actually booked it a few months ago knowing that I was really going to miss my daughter who is in her first year at university but having something for me beyond the dreaded drop-off date has been very helpful. And I have so many other things to look forward to between now and the end of the year. We all need to play sometimes, don’t we?!

Hope you’re all having a good weekend xx

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