Re-launch of the Christmas bucket list 🎄

Last year leading up to Christmas was amazing. I listed lots of things I wanted to achieve/experience and actually ticked off quite a few:

I fed reindeer, saw the Coca-Cola Christmas truck, walked down the stunningly decorated Carnaby Street in London, built a gingerbread house, went carol singing for a local charity and so much more. Although not on the list, hubby and I went to Winchester Christmas market which is set in the grounds of the cathedral and loved walking around the enchanting Alpine huts. I even tried some mulled wine 😋 We took my parents to the U.K.’s biggest Christmas show in Norfolk called the Thursford Christmas Spectacular which we very highly recommend. Essentially, it’s a three hour show themed around Christmas where the standard is pretty much what you would expect on Broadway or in London’s West End. For anyone who loves Christmas, this should definitely be on your bucket list! If you’d like to read about what I got up to last year, perhaps have a look through my blog entries which are all things I’d like to do before I turn 50.

So, looking ahead to my plans over the next couple of months, I’ll be venturing over to the Brussels Christmas market, heading to a medieval fayre in a Herefordshire castle and finally make it to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London. Despite being a shockingly bad baker, I’m going to attempt making a Christmas cake from scratch and hopefully donate to a toy bank. Ah, yes, I’ve just mentioned Brussels and you may recall that I was due to go for the day a few weeks ago. Well, my brain decided that 5am was a daft time to wake up and so I missed the train but Brussels at Christmas will be just beautiful and well worth the wait.

Why not check out my Christmas bucket list here. I’ll be regularly updating it.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I was hoping to go to Shocktober Fest tomorrow night which is a scream park attracting thousands of people from all over Europe but, judging by the inclement weather, I’d end up just walking through a muddy field so I’ll probably rebook!


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