The nights might be drawing in but I’m heading out 🎃👻🌺

The Facebook algorithm has completely and utterly sussed me out. I keep getting posts flash up on my feed screaming “Sarah, you have to come to this! You MUST buy tickets!” And it really does know me as I’m being told about events all over Europe that are very much my kind of thing. However, yesterday, I found myself clicking buy on two events later this month so I’ll be wrapping up warm and heading out into the rather crisp evenings.

Shocktober Fest

Europe’s biggest Halloween scream festival happens to be just a 10 minute drive from my home in West Sussex, south east England. I think I mentioned this briefly last year as something that I felt too scared to go to but I am putting on my big girl pants when I head off to Shocktober Fest weekend after next!

So, what is it? I guess it’s a bit like a pop-up theme park with Halloween as its theme. Based in what is a farm for the rest of the year, the event organisers hire 250 actors to dress up as zombies, scary clowns and other characters from our nightmares. There are scary attractions such as The Chop Shop, The Cellar, Wastelands Penitentiary and Haunted Hayride, each declaring their scare factor so you can decide if it might just be a bit too much for your nerves. If you look up Shocktober on YouTube, you’ll see countless videos depicting how utterly terrifying the attractions are. There’s also street food, live music and street theatre, and you may well bump into a celebrity or two as anyone who’s anyone seems to come. Tens of thousands of people come from over the U.K. and Europe each year for a truly memorable evening. Will you?!

I’ve bought the ticket that gets me into all the big attractions so let’s see how many I manage to enter! This will be a bucket list tick!

Chihuly at Kew Gardens, Richmond

Now, this will be far more sedate than Shocktober Fest! Kew Gardens, a UNESCO site in southwest London, is spectacular at any time of the year. My first visit was to last year’s stunning orchid festival. This year, artist Dale Chihuly who specialises in glass, has been exhibiting with beautiful creations all over the site. However, three evenings a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), the gardens open to visitors can enjoy the glass creations lit up, providing a very different experience to those who’ve come during daylight. The exhibit is coming to a close so if you love art and you particularly love lit up art, you may want to check out the website very, very quickly Parking is almost non-existent so thank goodness for websites like JustPark where you can hire someone’s driveway for a few hours 😊Along with the off-road driving experience at Mercedes World, October is looking pretty exciting!

Oh, for anyone who has been reading my blog recently, you may remember that I talked about my impending visit to Brussels. Did I go? Find out in my next post!

Happy Thursday everyone XX