Bucket listing to survive the empty nest!

Well, the nest isn’t entirely empty but our little one is in the throes of freshers week at the University of Edinburgh having moved in last Saturday. For those unfamiliar with university life in the UK, freshers week is the time just before learning begins when students settle into their new accommodation, explore everything the university and city have to offer, attend lots of parties and discover that there is no such thing as a food fairy! Yes, unlike home, the kitchen cupboards in university accommodation don’t magically have food!

With more time on my hands, it would be too easy to just sit back and ruminate about all manner of things so, drumroll, I hereby declare 5 things I’m going to do over the next term!

1. I’m doing an off-road driving experience next month! I booked this a while ago at Mercedes-Benz World as I thought it’d be helpful to have something to look forward to beyond my daughter’s moving in date. Having driven an HGV and tractor on my ’40 things to do before I turn 40′ list, you can probably tell that I like anything transport-related!

2. I will probably join my village’s camera club that meets twice a month. Most of you won’t know but I am yet again a winner in the village photography competition for its calendar. This is our village church and I happened to pop along after a rainy day where I caught its reflection in a puddle. This time round, I am Miss April!

3. With one of my bucket list challenges being to visit all of England’s 48 counties starting August 2017, I have just 6 left: Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Cambridgeshire, Rutland, East Riding of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. So, I need to get planning with a couple of weekend trips away. Apologies for the creases that have appeared but I’ve really enjoyed revealing each county on this scratch map. Once England is done, perhaps I can also tick off the ones left in Scotland and Wales!

4. I’m going to upcycle a piece of furniture and sell it. In my garage, I have a small bedside table that someone was giving away for free and I couldn’t resist! Not sure what I’ll do yet but, for now, here’s the ‘before’ photo. What would you do with it? I’d love to hear ♥️

5. And finally, we need to talk about Christmas! Yes, it’s a beautiful sunny September day here but I’m determined to go to Winter Wonderland in London later this year. This was on my list for last year but I never got around to it. Basically, it’s rides, lights, alpine huts, food, music, entertainment, etc. in Hyde Park, London. What is there not to like?!

You know, as soon as we know our daughter has really settled into university life with her elective courses chosen, various clubs joined and the first lecture attended, we can relax too! We loved watching the principal’s welcome ceremony on Monday which was streamed live. Such a spectacular ceremony with bagpipes, drums and a heap of tradition in the spectacular McEwan Hall. Loved it! If you didn’t read my last blog about going to Edinburgh, please feel free to read about it here

Happy Thursday everyone XX


  1. When in Lincolnshire the Bomber Command center in Lincoln is worth a few hours. Such an important part of the history of the second world war and England. Will have to look back and see your entire series on the counties. I love England! Scotland and Ireland are worth the time as well for sure.

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  2. What an amazing post 🙂
    I love the cabinet as it is… perhaps boring but I’d just change the handles!
    The driving experience and clubs sounds fantastic.
    Winter wonderland was brilliant, just make sure you book tickets way ahead of time, and any attractions like ice skating as the queues there can be ridiculous. There isn’t really any free entertainment there as such but theres so many rides and stalls there you’ll have a great time. Just remember you have to pay for everything, and cant take in any food or drink x


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