Edinburgh: a stunning university city…and our kid is off there in 2 days!

Whilst I love ticking things off my bucket list that create lifelong memories, life is also about momentous milestones and we are facing one of the biggies on Saturday…..seeing our ‘child’ go to university! Aaagggghhhhhh!

How’re you feeling, Sarah?” friends ask. Well, my answer depends on whatever’s going through my mind at that point in time. Pure excitement about our daughter heading to Scotland’s cobblestoned capital city that’s steeped in almost 1,000 years of history. Anticipation about how many of the almost 300 university clubs and societies she’ll join (many, I’m sure!). Puzzlement about where the years have gone and, oh, we really are middle aged! Worry about her settling in and leaving loving family and fabulous friends behind. Admiration that she’s got into a Russell Group university ranked 20th in the QS University World Rankings. Curiosity about how many of next week Freshers’ Week events she’ll throw herself into. Let’s say that it’s a rather mixed bag of emotions going on here.

I assumed that Freshers Week was some fairly fun week where you basically join clubs, attend orientation events so you get to know your way round, etc. etc. Well, how wrong am I!!! Edinburgh’s Freshers Week is offering over 400 events from gin tasting to a Love Island-themed Party; from traditional Scottish dancing to comedy nights. There’s even a Vengaboys-themed party ๐Ÿ˜‚ And then there’s the black tie Freshers Ball!

And then it’s the whole settling into university accommodation, signing up for elective courses, learning how to budget, having to clean your en suite bathroom (‘How to clean a toilet’ is on tomorrow’s list before she heads off… lucky girl ๐Ÿ˜‚).

With the 445 mile journey starting reasonably early Saturday morning, we’ll pack my car tomorrow night as if we’re playing a game of Tetris! It’s like sending your kid away on holiday for three months with everything needed for her bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Absolute musts are a large tub of chocolates to share with new friends and her new doorstop so that people can say ‘hi’ rather than walk past a closed door. She is going to have a blast!!!

Boy, am I going to miss her but, as parents, i think it’s our job to give our children the confidence to fly the nest one day and I’ve concluded that I need her more than she needs me so it’s time to sit back and see her flourish!



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