Two days at EuroDisney…..on my own!

Well guys, in my last blog, I asked the question ‘Are you ever too old to see Mickey” and I can categorically answer “no”!

What I thought I would do today is tell you all about my adventures but in my next blog later this week, I’m going to give you my 10 top tips for going there to make the most of your time and perhaps even save some money.

The word that sums up my experience is magic. It’s hard not to get caught up in the enchanting music, feel overjoyed at seeing characters that you obviously know aren’t real yet they strike a chord with your inner child, etc. It can make you feel as if you don’t want to leave and return to being an adult!

For me, the fairytale castle is the iconic landmark that tells you you have arrived, whether the sun is beaming down on it or it’s illuminated beautifully at night.

Perhaps it links back to childhood holidays to the United States where we visited Disneyland in California and DisneyWorld in Florida but I knew what the first ride HAD to be! It’s a Small World which is a boat trip where animated characters sing the same song in different languages. The ridiculously long queue was well worth it ♥️

There are rides for every age group, from Space Mountain which is an indoor rollercoaster to the teacup ride for younger (or older!) ones. Pirates of the Caribbean is another fabulous boat ride which has a restaurant attached called Captain Jack’s that made for a great place to eat a late lunch on day 1. And there’s an advantage to going alone as the brilliant Ratatouille ride had a much shorter queue for single riders who could be linked to large groups to fill the mouse-shaped vehicles.

When people think of Disney, no doubt the array of characters come to mind. There is of course the famous parade at 5.30pm each day when you see characters all in one place but the characters also appear at the Disney hotels and at various places in the park and studios. Yes, I got to see Mickey and I was even a little bit surprised at my reaction. Honestly! I think I was a kid in a way that I screamed in my head “Mickey”! Thankfully the words stayed in my head!

i’ve posted in the past about booking a table for one and, whilst I might have been apprehensive in the past, I now think why not! Why should travelling alone mean that I get to miss out on eating in some fabulous places. Like I did on my last trip to EuroDisney ten years ago with the family, I went to the Rainforest Café but I also ate at the most enchanting restaurant called Bistro Chez Remy which is based on the film Ratatouille. It was amazing. Beautifully cooked French cuisine with incredible service. What I loved about this restaurant was that everything is made huge so that, as explained to me by the waitress as she showed me in, I could imagine that I was a rat in the human world. So the chairs appeared like bottle tops, there were huge plates backing the seats, etc.

Fireworks over the castle at closing time were well publicised and I have to say I was thinking “Fireworks? Shall I bother?” But I can only say that it was truly one of the most impressive visual treats ever. The fireworks illuminated the night sky and, along with the illuminations that bought Disney films to life on the walls of the castle, it really brought day 1 to an incredible end.

And before returning to the park for day 2 where I got to explore the rides again, I spent an amazing night at Newport Bay Club which is a Disney hotel. I had the most spectacular view over the lake that looked onto Disney Village. And my headboard! Yes, everything in my room was Mickey-themed!

What was very funny in many ways was that I returned to Calais to catch the Eurotunnel back to England and the guy at border patrol clearly didn’t believe me that I has gone to EuroDisney!! He really interrogated me but fortunately I had a couple of bags from the Disney Store as helpful evidence when he checked the boot of my car. But I could see it from his perspective. I mean, I’m in my 40s, I’m travelling alone, this is my third very short trip over to France this year and I’ve given the reason for my trip as EuroDisney! #NotASmuggler

Now that we are near the end of August, I’m going to make up a photobook of all my trips and adventures over the past year. Our youngest child heads off to the University of Edinburgh in just 13 days time which marks the next very exciting chapter in her life. So, what will be my next adventure? Perhaps a big trip? 2020 may seem like a long way off but there’s nothing better than having a date in the diary to look forward to ♥️

Hope you have a lovely week ahead



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