Are you ever too old to see Mickey?!

There’s something I’ve wanted to do for a little while but I’ve been sitting on the proverbial fence asking myself: Should I go back to EuroDisney Paris….on my own?!

My head has been saying ‘Sarah, you’re in your 40s and you want to go to a theme park whose target market is families and little ones a few decades younger than you. Really!?’ whilst my heart has been saying ‘but but but it’s Mickey!’ My mum and I were texting each other over the weekend about embracing life and just doing what you want to do so….yes,….I’m following my heart and I’ll be at EuroDisney Paris in two weeks’ time.

I’ve actually been there twice before, both times with hubby and the kids. The first time was in the days leading up to Christmas 2004 where memory no. 1 is being absolutely frozen and all of us needing to get some respite from the cold by returning to the hotel for a couple of hours each afternoon. Memory no. 2 is negotiating with angry French men in a mechanics yard about payment for fixing our broken down car as they wanted over €800 in cash and wouldn’t accept a debit card. Thank goodness for the breakdown rescue company (the AA) who negotiated with far better French than the remnants of my GCSE French where all I can do is ask for a ham and cheese sandwich and ask where the nearest discotheque is! Our second trip to EuroDisney was in August 2009 after hubby celebrated a milestone birthday and we holidayed in Germany and France. August was a much nicer time to visit!

So, I’ll catch the EuroTunnel (which connects England to France) very early Monday morning, drive for 3 hours to the hotel, pick up my entrance ticket, catch the free shuttle bus and embark on my search for Mickey and his friends. There’ll be so much to fit in during my two days in the park: shows, rides, parades and making memories. Plus there’s a deliciously fun restaurant I REALLY would love to eat at so I might reserve a table in advance.

Am I being a bit childlike wanting to go back to EuroDisney? Yes and there’s nowt wrong with that! Sometimes, rediscovering our inner child reminds us how we used to like to play and sometimes you have to fit in a bit more play time when you’re a grown up!

Have a great week, everyone xx


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