5 things to look forward to in August ♥️

A busy day of report writing has meant I’m 24 hours late in saying to you white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits!!! First, I’d like to reassure you with this rabbit statement that I’m of perfectly sound mind! Honest! But second, I wonder whether you have any traditions to mark the first day of each month. I’m going to blame my lovely mum for this but “white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits” was usually said on the first day of each month whilst growing up (not sure if it had any connections with my French ancestry) but many years on, I still say it and I uttered these words as we went into Thursday. It’s meant to bring good luck!

I thought I’d share with you 5 things that I’m very much looking forward to this month.

1. Hubby’s special birthday!!

Yes, he’s going to reach an important milestone this month and we’re going to celebrate with our families at a gathering. I have to say we’re so lucky that our families get on well. There’s something I’m soooo excited to show you a photo of something which is birthday-related but all will be revealed in a few weeks’ time. Here we are last year at Highclere Castle (known as Downton Abbey) where we enjoyed afternoon tea, a firm British tradition.

2. Cornwall

Our little one and I are off to Cornwall for a couple of nights where we’re going to fit in as much as possible. From a personalised finger on the Land’s End sign to walking along the causeway to St Michael’s Mount. From visiting the iconic filming location of Port Isaac (used in the British tv series Doc Martin) to seeing a show at the cliff-side Minack theatre whilst the sun sets. And we even get to stay in a stunning 19th century convent which is now a beautiful hotel ♥️

3. Mamma Mia: the Party

Time with hubby is precious, especially as dates aren’t always easy to arrange. However, as well as going out for breakfast on our 23rd wedding anniversary, we’ve got tickets to go to the most spectacular show at the O2. Yes, we’re going to Mamma Mia: the Party where the O2 gets magically transformed into a huge Greek restaurant and we enjoy a sumptuous dinner with an ABBA-themed show being put on literally around us! Do check out the promotional video online here. It looks so fun and riotous!

4. Time off work

Yay! Running a business is one of the best things I’ve ever done and I love the flexibility it affords me. However, it can be easy to forget to put time aside which is why I block out various weeks in the year to treat as my annual leave, even if I’m not going away. It’s taken a long time to get to this point of achieving work-life balance but, if you missed it, you might like to read a recent blog entry which I thought might help anyone who is running or thinking of running a business. You can read it here Top tips for running a business But I’ve got two weeks off work coming up very shortly during which I plan to do very little 😊

5. Finding out which university our little one is going to!

Our little one has accepted two offers to go to university next month with one being the firm offer (fingers crossed!) and the other being the insurance option which is like a back up if the A’ level results don’t come in as hoped. But you know, whatever happens on results day, there’s always plan B, plan C, etc. Whether it’s looking for another university, taking a gap year or changing plans altogether, we really don’t mind. Happiness can’t be overrated 😊However, if university is still on the cards, I’m just intrigued about where little one will end up….and which country! We’re currently gathering bits together as there’s so much to take……. it’s a bit like sending your child on holiday for over 3 months! I’ve read that one of the best things to take to uni is a doorstop so you can leave your door ajar and other students can put their heads around the corner. Great for breaking the ice in the early days along with all the various clubs and societies students can join.

Hope you have things you’re looking forward to this month, however small they are



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