Finding my inner Marie Kondo and getting organised!

In my idealistic head, I have a minimalist-styled house where the surfaces are bare, everything has a place and we keep only the things that we need/want. Yeah, right!!! The reality is that my kitchen surfaces have been covered in all manner of gadgets that we couldn’t resist, I’ve been forever tidying up when clients are due here and my integral garage has been filled with ‘stuff’ that has been shifted from the house to give visitors the illusion that we’re super tidy!

However, I’m going to dare to be a little bit self-indulgent and declare that I have finally cracked the mystery of how to be organised. You could even say that I might feel a little bit grown-up today! A few months ago ago, I was doing yet another of my “This time, I’m going to get really organised” sort outs when hubby told me I would probably love watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. It’s only now as I write this that I’m wondering how on earth he even knows who she is! She’s not the first person I’ve watched on TV who’s into decluttering and getting others organised but perhaps the timing is right for me. With our youngest about to head off to university and cutting back a bit with my business, it feels as if we are going into a new chapter in our lives. I feel that I could walk into other people’s homes and work with them to organise themselves but it’s always a little bit different when it comes to your own stuff, isn’t it. But something clicked with me when I watched the series. She does say that we should “thank our belongings” but I have to say that I haven’t embraced that part!

Apart from the garage, shed and a huge deep chest freezer which probably has a pack of something rather old and toxic lurking at the bottom, all the other rooms have been tackled and the charity shops and Freecyclers of Sussex have truly benefited. I’m certainly not a hoarder in the true sense but there are times when you have to be a little bit ruthless. Now, of course, I don’t want to give away something that I then regret 6 months later on but getting on with it at a reasonable pace with labelled boxes, bags and rubbish sacks means it doesn’t have to take very long. Each day, I’ve set myself a target, whether it’s the entire kitchen or the airing cupboard on the landing. The CDs and DVDs required effort by the whole family but didn’t take too long. After collating everything into a massive pile in the lounge, I set aside the CDs/DVDs that I want to keep and then so did the others, until we had a pile of leftovers ready to pop into the charity bag. And clothes….do I feel good wearing that? No? Why keep it?! As Marie would say, “Does it spark joy?” If you’ve seen her Netflix series, my drawers of tops will make sense 😂

We had a huge sort out of our printed photos the other evening which was really fun. Goodness, it could be very easy to hang onto everything but, really, what is the point of having a photo you don’t know where it was taken or even who that is smiling away?! Today, I’ve organised the 500 or so photos into approximate date order and treated myself to some nice albums. I bought this wooden box years ago to put stray photos in but now that we’ve gathered our photos into one place, albums will probably provide better long term storage.

Last night, I was googling how to organise photos when the results page showed about how to organise photos and other apps on an iPhone and it was like a revelation! This time yesterday, I had 9 pages of apps on my phone. So, I’ve managed to organise all my apps into folders except for the ones that I use several times a day and have them all appear on one screen.

So, although thorough decluttering wasn’t really on my bucket list, it does feel good with just a few places left to tackle. I’ve even got a couple of empty cupboard shelves in my kitchen!

Looking ahead to what I’ve got coming up, I’m off to Cornwall in a fortnight’s time with our ‘little one’ and then off for another short trip later on in August on my own. Not sure where yet although I’d love to tick off the last of 7/48 English counties to be visited. And I may sign up for something that starts in September…… watch this space!

Happy weekend, everyone xx

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