Welcome to my home! Come on in ๐Ÿ˜Š

Whilst most of my blogging is about my adventures and experiences from my bucket list, I sometimes go rogue and write about something a little bit different ๐Ÿ˜Š Last month, I shared my top 10 tips about running a business but, today, I thought I’d invite you into my home and garden!

We’ve lived in our current home in West Sussex, England for over 12 years. It’s a very standard brick house; nothing particularly remarkable. However, one of the best things about our house is the view from our front door as we live on a very quiet junction at the top of a hill with woods acting as an ever-changing backdrop depending on the season. Our village is expanding very quickly and I really hope that these woods don’t disappear one day to make room for new housing but, for now, this is my view as I open our bedroom curtains….

I’m really lucky in my job as I spend a lot of time in other people’s homes which can vary from a bedsit in a crowded city through to a huge country home with a swimming pool, tennis courts and a long winding driveway that makes me wonder whether I’ve changed postcode by the time I’ve reached the house! Don’t tell my hubby (although I’m pretty sure he knows ๐Ÿ˜‰) but I’d love to move home. Does anyone get excited at the thought of putting your stamp and individuality on a new property? Viewing the house thinking about how your furniture will fit, what you might change, etc.? For complicated reasons, we’re unable to move and we’re very likely to be here for quite some time so I recently decided to pretend I’ve just moved in! It’s actually really good fun to step back and try to look at your own home as objectively as possible, as if you’ve walked in for the first time. In our lounge, a few rolls of wallpaper for a feature wall and a large pot of white matt paint have led to a brand-new look that’s so much nicer than the previous darker theme of browns, reds and creams. This duck egg blue wallpaper is from B&Q although putting it up was definitely a job to leave to a professional with the pattern-matching and all the sockets to work around.

I love checking out new accessories. These don’t have to cost much money at all, such as the two frosted butterfly-design bottles that light up. These were less than ยฃ4 each from The Range and are great alongside some more luxurious items like these fabulous textured cushions from John Lewis. Similarly, the fireplace and solid oak console table came from bargain shops but I couldn’t resist the splash of colour from this chair ๐Ÿ˜

Our dining room doubles up as my work room with clients. Until two weeks ago, it’s had a green theme since we moved here but it’s amazing how a feature wall can change colour when hubby goes away. No idea how that happened! I decided to go for a blue to complement the theme in the lounge (the cloakroom may have got a quick makeover too!). The mirror is actually pretty long and remains my favourite IKEA find in ‘bargain corner’ at ยฃ11 about 10 years ago!

My sister-in-law was right when we had a new kitchen. If you’re going to have a wall act as a splashback, go bold! In fact, when we had the kitchen first put in, it was a very bright lime green but a small pot of paint and 30 minutes, it changed colour to a sumptuous deep purple! I’ve just taken this photo after dinner attempting to give the illusion that it’s super tidy in there but the reflection of the glass splash-back gives it all away! I could have retaken the photo after a tidy up but no! Washing up will happen later…..it’s Sunday evening and I’m chilling!

Does anyone have a cupboard full of ‘stuff’? You know, a bit like a man cave?! Sometimes, I decide to put away an accessory but then bring it out again a few months or years later in a different room. This is a brilliant way to get a different look without spending any money whatsoever! I bought this wooden statue of a lady around 10 years ago from Next. I know, she looks so sad and vulnerable but there’s something I really like about this and so she periodically goes into my cupboard but will always re-emerge at some point. Versatility too is great and I bought this candle from PartyLite quite a while ago but you can change the items in its glass base to reflect different room pallets, different times of the year, etc.

I recently did a revamp of my back garden. For the cost of a pot of paint and some white spray paint, the shed looks far more contemporary. We also had a patch on our patio with old wooden planters where the paint was starting to come off and nothing was really growing in them but I gave away the planters on Freecycle, moved our chimera and bought two very cheap pots with a couple of box plants to smarten it up. I love our extending patio set by Alexander Rose but was particularly chuffed to find it a fraction of the price on eBay. It was brand new with its original tags. Bargain!

The last picture above is a red bottlebrush shrub. In the winter, I’m really not its biggest fan as it’s large, very prickly and rather unslightly. However, this is the first year where it’s just exploded into colour….all 6 foot of it!

The upstairs of my house is work in progress! We have the unfortunate position of many of the floorboards now sitting so far above the wooden joists that screwing them down isn’t an option and each room needs to be tackled one by one to have many of the floorboards replaced. One bedroom has been done but the others and the landing will be worked on later this year once our little one goes off to university.

And I just wanted to share one more thing from my week. We had some delicious cherries given to us by our elderly neighbours who had far more than they could possibly eat. Just a temporary addition to my house but one that signals fantastic neighbourly love โ™ฅ๏ธ Yum!

Hope you all have a lovely week



    1. Aw, thatโ€™s so kind of you. I must have trawled through many websites and visited lots of shops looking for โ€˜theโ€™ chair but, when I saw this online, I knew it was the one! xx

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  1. Beautiful home and selected items with good taste. Sarah, now You have opportunity to see more gorgeous ice sculptures in my blog. I do not know if You ever heard about Moomin, but their ice sculptures are beautiful, but difficult to shoot photos, because they are transparent.

    Happy new week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thank you for this. Iโ€™m now following you and absolutely love your photos of the Moomin. Thereโ€™s a really magical look to them, if you know what I mean xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, thank You praising my photos. You made me very glad. This summer I am presenting “Unknown” Helsinki. I mean with this that I show the part of Helsinki which unknown to visitors โ€“ Laajasalo, which is the biggest island of Helsinki. It is intended for them who have adventurous mind to explore themselves Helsinki, which is worth for a visit, but nobody knows it or has not heard about it. I walk around it with my wife, here and there presenting what there is to be seen and there is, forest, paths, cliffs, sea, flowers, trees, some architecture etc. Now I have published two posts, tomorrow there will be the third part and later I show how to find ghost houses on the island.

        Have a wonderful day!

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