Back to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, London….but with my family!

Usually, my Saturday nights are spent watching the latest reality TV in pjs with possibly a Chinese takeaway and a Diet Coke whilst doing a spot of report writing for work. However, I’ve been quite the social animal for the past two Saturday nights which has been really lovely.

For example, last night, I was so lucky to be invited to a surprise birthday party for a friend whom I’ve got to know through volunteering and it was just lovely to see her face light up every time she recognised people from different parts of her life all in the one place! Bearing in mind that I am just a volunteer once a fortnight and the people on my table have known each other for years, they couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming so thank you! And then I went on to be a route marshal for a charity midnight walk through a West Sussex town which was great fun spurring on the walkers (doing walks of up to 20 miles) with cake and a bucket load of enthusiasm! It was a long night but great fun.

However, I thought I’d blog about last Saturday when I returned to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London which I went to last year on my own but this time went with my hubby and one of my children. For anyone thinking about going, I’d highly advise you to keep clicking the refresh button on the ticket availability page . You see, it was saying that there were no tickets available until August but I found out last year that many people end up not being able to go and tickets can suddenly pop up at the very last minute and this meant that I could get tickets for the next day!

Situated in Watford just off the M25, the studios are a ‘a must-go place’ for any Harry Potter fans but also anyone who’s got an interest in films. When I went for the first time, I remember thinking it might be quite a small exhibition with a few things on show but it really took me by surprise. Essentially, it’s a huge (really huge) warehouse to give you the Harry Potter experience. Although you book a time for the start of your tour, this is to enable you to be part of a group for the introductory speech by a member of staff and get to spend time in the Great Hall before the next tour group comes in. Beyond that, you can take as much or as little time as you want to visit through the different exhibits. You can see Harry’s common room, Dumbledore’s office and even walk through the Forbidden Forest with huge spiders and your feet enveloped in a low mist. If this scares you, you can just ask him to miss out this part and be shown alternative route. You can even drink butterbeer, board Hogwarts Express, walk through Harry Potter’s house in Privet Drive, explore Gringotts Wizarding Bank and a ride a broomstick! It’s easily somewhere you can spend a few hours.

However, I would suggest that you drink something just before you arrive as the drinks in the entrance hall are extortionate (quite rightly much to my hubby’s shock!) and the food isn’t cheap either. However, there are restaurants nearby including McDonald’s….and remember that you’ve got to exit via the gift shop with its alluringly display of goodies that we found hard to ignore!

So, what next? This week, I’m heading from the south of England all the way up to Scotland to embark on an amazing road trip. I’ll be going on a 5 hour whale watching trip, looking for Loch Ness on an evening cruise, going on a gondola up a mountain and heading to the furthest point on mainland UK at John O’Groats. Oh, and I’ll stop off to play the bagpipes in Glasgow and explore an island in the Outer Hebrides with white sandy beaches, hopefully watching the sun set. Blog updates will depend on internet connection but otherwise, I’ll tell you all about it when I get back home.

Happy weekend everyone xx


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