A weekend in Liverpool awaits! It’s all about Anfield and FAME!

It might be April. I might be in my 40s. But, right here, right now, I’m like a child in a sweet shop just days away from Christmas! I’m beyond excited about next weekend.

After a couple of months of not really making much progress with my bucket list, I’m going to be ticking off two experiences next weekend when I head up to Liverpool and it all starts with visiting the grounds of the football team I’ve supported since I was about 9.

I’ve just bought a ticket to go on a tour around Anfield which is the home of Liverpool Football Club. In fact, this wasn’t going to be part of my plan as I’d booked tickets to travel by coach from West Sussex to Liverpool but, having just found out that my hotel DOES have parking, I’m going to drive up which will take me about half the time and mean that I can fit more into my time away. Anfield stadium dates back to the 19th century and is the 7th largest in the UK. Unless it’s match day, its tours take you through the players tunnel, into the dressing rooms, past the ‘This is Anfield’ sign, up to the top level of the main stand to get an epic view, etc. And what a time to be watching with Liverpool currently at the top of the Premier League. I’ll be keeping an eye on how Man City does in its match later on this afternoon!

And then I’ll head into Liverpool city centre where I plan to check out a couple of places before the main event begins which has been booked for months………seeing the original cast of the 1980s tv show Fame perform in two concerts where I’ll be in the front two rows!!! Aaagghh! I’m so excited! How many characters do you remember? Doris? Danny? Montgomery? Martelli? But, as part of a special package and all profits going to a children’s hospice, I’ll also be having dinner with the cast, going to an after show party, attending a rehearsal and take part in the Fame Family Convention that will run alongside the concerts. I must say that there’s HUGE excitement on the Facebook page and it sounds like a fabulous group of people that I’m going to meet. I’m slightly nervous as I won’t know anyone but why stay in my comfort zone and miss out on creating memories! But I guess my other slight concern is that I’m going to meet my childhood idols and lose the ability to speak, resulting in me standing there with my mouth wide open spouting some utter rubbish! PLEASE let me remain coherent!

So, after my long weekend away, I’ll no doubt have loads of photos to share with you and then I’ll properly get back on track with my twice=weekly blogging. just before I head off on my epic road trip around Scotland

Happy weekend everyone


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