Planning my Scottish road trip – whale watching

My Google search history this weekend is packed with all things Scottish! Yes, I love visiting beautiful locations but planning is almost just as much fun and, after posting the other day about my stunning accommodation right on Loch Lomond where I’ll be for a couple of nights, I now have a rough itinerary planned for my 7 day road trip. I’ll share this with you over my next few posts to keep you in suspense.

So, on my way up to Loch Lomond, I’m going to call into Glasgow with one destination in mind…The National Piping Centre where you GET TO PLAY THE BAGPIPES! I am seriously so excited about this although I’m also mystified about how they actually work. I mean, just look at the picture with all the pipes that are surely too many for one mouth and two hands! But then I’ll be off to the loch.

After a lazy start to day 2 of my trip, I’m driving up to Oban where I’ll board a boat for a 5 hour trip that will hopefully take me close up to puffins, dolphins, porpoise, seals, eagles, sharks and whales. As a family, we were so lucky to go whale watching in Iceland about 8 years ago and we did get to see whales although rather far away and it was very much a case of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’. However, we did see lots of puffins on Puffin Island and just spending time together was brilliant . On this boat trip though, we’ll even get to visit some inhabited islands which feels really exclusive!

After my 2nd night back on Loch Lomond, I’ll be on the move and what a destination I’ll be heading to……the Outer Hebrides! But no….I’m not going in that plane!! No way!! The island of Barra hosts the only commercial runway in the world that is actually on the beach and perhaps the view from above would be extraordinary but I’m going for the less scary option of catching the ferry from Oban to Castlebay which is a 5 hour journey each way. Actually, it’s Β£30 return ticket for 10 hours on a ferry which I think is very reasonable, especially as some of the scenery should be beautiful. Barra is full of white beaches and glistening blue sea so I’m hoping so much for a beautifully clear day to capture sunset looking out over the Atlantic ocean. If anyone from the UK is reading this, you might have seen the island featured in the BBC programme called An Island Parish which came to Barra for series 6.

You may be wondering where the Outer Hebrides are in relation to mainland Scotland, especially if you don’t live anywhere near the UK, so I thought this would help. If you look for ‘south Uist’ to the west of mainland Scotland, that’s where I’ll be! And if you wonder where I live, I’m just north of Brighton (on the southern cost of England) so, as you can see, I’ll be covering soooo many miles! But I love driving and the freedom it gives.

Later this week, I’ll tell you about the next leg of my journey that will include a cable car journey to give me panoramic views of the Scottish highlands and a trip to a very, very famous viaduct that links to a certain boy wizard!

Happy weekend everyone



  1. The Barra flight was on my bucket list, and a weekend on the island was just great. I loved all of it. Sitting on the empty sandy beach in dazzling sun (in the cold) waiting for the (delayed) return flight to Glasgow was a bit of perfection I’ll never forget. A few metres from the “airport” terminal, and instead of the normal urban infrastructure, there’s just stillness and beauty and not a thing to be seen other than dunes, beach, sea and sky.

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    1. Thank you, Jim. The island looks just stunning and I can only imagine what it must have been like to fly. I have a feeling that it’s going to be such a unique experience and to not feel as if I’m still in the UK….except for the cold! 😊


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