Off to the British Grand Prix!

Ah!!!! I can’t believe that I’ve just bought a ticket! After fitting lots into 2018, I really want to have lots of things to look forward in 2019 and going to Silverstone is something I’ve wanted to do for ages.

The closest I’ve got to doing something cool that’s racing-related was when I watched the Azerbaijan Grand Prix last year with about 100 others in the Mercedes World theatre in Surrey which you can read about here. What a time that was! I’m the only person in my family who likes sport and I never hold back with screaming, shouting, etc. at the TV, much to the alarm of hubby! Seeing Lewis Hamilton come through at the very end to clinch victory and to be caught up in a group wave of euphoria was pretty special.

The first thing to think about was whether I take the chance of the UK having another heatwave and therefore go for a general admission ticket to sit on a grassy verge or do I pay more to secure covered seating in a grandstand. Now, if I’m going to do this (which will be very much a one-off), I might as well go for it so I checked out the different grandstands and went for one where I’ll see the cars go around a couple of bends. According to the website, that should mean I’l see the cars for around 10 seconds rather than just a flash of colour go past me. Plus for a little bit extra, I’m going to go in the inner track area.

In terms of other sporting events I’d love to go to, watching the GB netball team play at the 2022 Commonwealth Games is already on my list. I loved netball at school and captained the school team so seeing our national team play after their recent success will be amazing. I’d also love to see Liverpool FC play at Anfield but it appears to be really difficult to secure a ticket unless you’re a season ticket holder. I also love watching snooker, triathlon, swimming, gymnastics, etc. But I will never forget watching England and Croatia play last year in the World Cup semi-final where we were watching on a huge screen on Brighton beach and getting caught underneath a cloud of beer when we scored first! Magic!

Have you been to sporting events and, if so, what did you think? Any sporting events you’d love to go to?


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