In awe of those ‘creative types’!

It’s true! I have SUCH admiration for people who can come up with the most original creative ideas but then also have the talent to follow through, whether it’s painting, dress-making, baking, arts and crafts, etc. If you’re one of these, I applaud you! I tend to think there’s another category of people who may not see themselves as being particularly creative but they diligently follow through on instructions to do something pretty well or perhaps pay someone to do a task for them. And then there’s the category that I fall into…..the ‘But it looked good in my head….honest‘ group!

Time and time again, I come up with ideas and I can visualise how things SHOULD look. I figure out what resources I need, I then excitedly find myself in Hobbycraft with a shopping basket that is positively overflowing with shiny things and I start the task thinking that it’ll take no time at all. But then I find out that the task is actually more complicated than I thought and I very quickly run out of steam. At this point, there are two courses of action: hubby coming to the rescue (thank you hubby for making the gingerbread house look utterly cool last month xx) or my house resembling more and more like a craft shop with enough stock to satisfy the whole of Sussex! It’s true! I’ve equipment and materials from many projects that have barely begun, such as card marking, jewellery making, etc. and it’s not as if I could put this all down to my 6 weeks on crutches last summer !

So, what’s this got to do with my bucket list? Well, my bucket list has lots of things on it, from travelling to driving a tank, from learning a language to operating a pneumatic drill! And I wondered whether it’s be cool to set myself a task of selling something I’ve made. I can only imagine how good that would feel. In this way, I can then find something that is fairly straightforward to do as, after all, I do need to be realistic. Perhaps I should check out Pinterest a little bit later on for inspiration.

But I need to make a confession first of all. Yes, I ventured into the World of Hobbycraft yesterday and the staff MADE me buy things! They wouldn’t let me leave unless I perused the shelves and spent enough money to make hubby wince! The sharp-sighted followers on here have might spotted ‘John Lewis’ in the above photo….see, all the shops are at it! No, we’re about to get new sofas and therefore the colour theme of our living room is about to change and I was looking at the plain pillar candles we have on out coffee table. Now, I just love Google as everything is searchable and I easily came across ideas for jazzing up the candles a bit. Fortunately, I’ve a few spare candles so I’m going to have a go tomorrow (Monday’s my day off work) and play around with tissue paper, wire, hessian, beads, floral embellishments, wax paper and, best of all, a heat gun! Playtime me thinks

Have you sold things that you’ve made? Are you a buddy baker? A creative crafter? A sizzling seamstress? I’d love to know!

Hope you’re having a good weekend. xx

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