What will get ticked off my bucket list in 2019?

Hello guys, how are you? Did you have a nice Christmas? Did you stay up to see in 2019? Happy New Year!

As I mentioned in a couple of posts in December, I felt decidedly Christmassy this year and managed to tick things off my Christmas bucket list, like feeding reindeer, building a gingerbread house, etc. as well as go to the fantastic Winchester Christmas market with over 100 wooden chalets. Since my last post, we donated food to a food bank (more about that in a mo) and sent cards to our family and friends that we’d designed. The photo below is from our Christmas card and is hubby dressed as as a naughty reindeer a few years ago! It’s at his work where they had a grotto for employees’ children to come to meet Santa and they had to tell off my hubby as they walked past him. I heard that some of the children were very vocal indeed! The other photos are from our lounge last year.

I’m so glad we donated food to the food bank. It’s a sorry state of affairs that many families rely on them but our local food bank has a list of items it needs and that was great to make sure we were taking things along that really would make a difference. Even leaving an item or two at collection points in supermarkets make all the difference.

And now it’s 2019. How did that happen?? I don’t know about you but it makes me think about the year ahead. There’s some life stuff happening like my youngest taking his A’ level exams and waiting to hear about his applications to universities. Gosh, it’s so exciting as all 5 universities he’s applied to study at have a great international reputation for research and are in the Russell Group. Wherever he ends up, I’m sure he’ll have an amazing time although I’ll miss him huuuuuuugely. And my hubby has a very big birthday coming up this year.

So, in terms of my bucket list, what am I going to get done this year? Here are my current top 12:

  1. I’m going to meet my childhood heroes in May, i.e. the cast of Fame!
  2. I’ll take a photo of the Land’s End sign in Cornwall
  3. I’ll see a play at the cliff edge Minack Theatre in Cornwall
  4. Hubby and I will go on the Eurostar to eat lunch in Paris!
  5. We’ll go to Dans le Noir, London where you eat in the dark
  6. I’ll visit the remaining 7 counties so that I can say I’ve been to all of England’s 48 counties since September 2017
  7. I’ll take up a new hobby although currently no ideas what
  8. I’ll learn a new language – probably Spanish.
  9. I’m going to take a DNA test to find out more about my ancestry
  10. I’ll be in the audience for Channel 4’s The Last Leg tv programme
  11. I’ll visit a new country…….I have plans!
  12. I’ll tour Highgate cemetery in London

More about these in the next next few weeks but I also hope to take on another voluntary role, pass a significant career milestone this summer and get to know more people socially. I love running my own business and I love going to away with my own company but 2019 needs to be about getting to know more people and just feeling a tad more connected. I’m not one for making resolutions but if I was to have one this year, it’s about people!

Have you got any plans for 2019? I’d love to hear


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