Finally got to see the Coca Cola Christmas truck!

When you see something on TV and then you know you’re going to see it in real life, you may wonder whether it will live up to your expectations. Whether it’ a person, a place or just a thing. And usually, yes, they have lived up to my expectations and more, like meeting Brian Blessed this year, like going on a cruise.

Well, did the Coca Cola Christmas truck live up to my expectations? Yes….mainly! Now, is it me or do the trucks look pretty huge on TV, like they’re 18 wheeler vehicles dominating the landscape, lighting up the night sky? They’re so much smaller! We can still classify it as a truck but not huge when you see it through the eyes of an adult. However, it really stands out with its design, the lights, the Christmas music playing. I was hoping that it might have had the music from the TV commercials chanting ‘Holidays are coming. Holidays are coming‘ but, bearing in mind that the truck was parked up in Croydon for around 10 hours today, a continuous loop of hearing the chanting might be just a little bit too much for the staff!

I thought I’d rock up, spend 10 minutes snapping photos from different angles but this is clearly a huge event and I spent 40 minutes queuing up to get anywhere near the truck and pick up a free mini can of Diet Coke. It’s set up nicely with snow machines, some decorations in front of it making it a brilliant backdrop for photos. There are about 4 different places where a member of staff will take your photo using your mobile, perhaps whilst you stand on a tiny bridge, or under a sign for the North Pole, etc. Bearing in mind the queue and the temperature, there was a really fabulous buzz with everyone in a good mood. So, another thing ticked off my Christmas bucket list 🙂

And that’s after something else on my Christmas bucket list achieved this week….to donate food to a food bank. As part of my Tesco home delivery, I added some items that the local food bank had listed on its website such as tinned carrots, tinned potatoes and pasta sauce. I may be too late now for the toy bank but, if not that’s something to get on with over the next couple of days.

So, this week coming, I’m REALLY hoping to get up to London to the amazing Winter Wonderland…..although, with just about a week to go, I sense I’ll be fighting my way through the crowds!

Happy Sunday everyone xx

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