It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!

Hey guys

Today’s Sarah is just a tad different to the Sarah of a few years ago! I don’t what it is but something has been sparked inside my head that’s making me very excited about Christmas and the build up. We’re not into excessive spending but there just seem to be so many events on and places to go that feel a bit magical. Perhaps it’s me finding my inner child who just wants to play and have fun! 

The Winchester Christmas market in Hampshire is still on and I really would recommend it. You can read about our recent visit here.

I’m planning on seeing the Coca Cola Christmas truck at the weekend and getting up to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park but hubby and I have done a few smaller scale things over the past week.

First, we decorated the house. Oh, the big tree in the lounge can seem like a lot of hassle but, once up, it looks lovely. We used to have a red and gold theme but have gone a bit more white and pale blue in the past two years. I like buying a few extra bits each year and this year’s additions are the large white flowers. However, we all know the trends come and go so the gold and red decorations are stored away for now. I also bought a really fabulous bauble in Sainsbury’s which is a UK supermarket. Not really the type of place to find something special but they were selling the bauble below with snow and a door inside with 2018 on it. Also new is the pre-lit wreath for our front doorwhich has a timer for it to come on for 6 hours each day.

Last week, hubby and I went carol singing with a charity that supports children and young people with complex disabilities. Oh, SUCH FUN! We were in the entrance of a supermarket. The plan was to sing about 30 different songs to backing tracks although the O2 network was down that day so we went a little bit acapella. One of the young people was complex needs was our conductor which was just charming and I’ve never heard young people shout ‘5 GOLD RINGS’ so loud for the 12 Days of Christmas! Festive hats were obligatory, of course! What a brilliant fundraiser.

And then we built a gingerbread house. Thanks to the shop Lakeland, we bought a fabulous kit that just took a bit of gluing’ together with icing sugar. It came with ample sweets – hubby and I felt extremely grown up that we didn’t eat the sweets whilst putting them on! I started off the gingerbread house and it wasn’t going that well but hubby came along and the final version is pretty good. Extremely messy! Lots of fun! Exceptionally tasty!

So, that’s another 2 things ticked off my Christmas bucket list! Oh, if you’re wondering who that is in my feature photo….it’s my hubby a few years ago, dressed up as the ‘naughty reindeer’ that children had to tell off on their way to visit Santa’s grotto at his work!

How are you doing? I know that people who follow my blog are from so many countries around the world so I’d love to hear about how you celebrate Christmas or other cultural/religious events


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