The magic of a German-style Christmas market

Yesterday, for all we knew, hubby and I could well have been spending the afternoon in a German city with over 100 wooden chalets linked together with Christmas garlands of leaves, lights and berries. It certainly felt really authentic but we actually in the beautiful city of Winchester, Hampshire where its cathedral made for a perfect backdrop. Stunning!

The Winchester Christmas market is often regarded as being one of the best in Europe so we hoped that it would be good. I don’t know about you but sometimes I go somewhere that’s rather hyped but my experience doesn’t quite match what I thought it was going to be. However, I LOVED yesterday! The one word that comes to mind? Magic! 

The chalets seemed to fall into certain categories: food, drink, wolly hats, silk scarves and Christmas decorations. I’ve never tried mulled wine before so I tried some of hubby’s. Now, I don’t like wine so making it mulled probably wasn’t going to make it any more palatable but it’s another thing to tick off one of my bucket list items: to try 50 new foods or drinks (Sarah’s main bucket list) But it was lovely and warm, and I certainly liked the smell of it. The photo below of the cauldron is the mulled wine being stirred. There were French crepes with seemingly French people serving them and Bratwurst sausages that, judging by the exceptionally long queue, were very popular! There were even chestnuts being cooked – yum!   

There was also an ice rink with real ice and wow! It was really pretty with lots of lights and music, and ever so cute with these large plastic penguins with handles that children could use to hold onto as they made their way around the rink. If only there were ones there for adults! I haven’t tried to skate since I was a young child but my recollection is making my way round the rink desperately grabbing onto the barrier! Ice-skating at Somerset House is on my Christmas bucket list but I’ll go where it’s extremely quiet so that I don’t make a fool of myself! But, reassuringly, there were many adults in Winchester yesterday who were also grabbing onto the side so perhaps I wouldn’t have looked too out of place!

Next year, I’d love us to go to Germany, perhaps catching the Eurostar to Paris and then onward to Germany for the weekend. But, for now, thank you Winchester! You gave us a beautiful afternoon

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend xx

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