If you love Christmas, you’ll LOVE Thursford!

There are times when you experience something so magical, so extraordinary that there are simply no words or photos that can really encapsulate what you have seen! And yesterday was very much one of those experiences. Hubby and I returned to watch the Thursford Christmas Spectacular having immensely enjoyed our first visit last year. We took my parents who said that Thursford has beaten any show they’ve EVER watched and my mum is positively skipping today after yesterday’s show!

So, what is Thursford? Where is it? Why should you think about going? Actually, let’s rephrase that……..why MUST you go?!!

Just part of the auditorium during the interval

Thursford is a village in Norfolk that’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere and sits between Fakenham and Cromer.  However, once a year, the Thursford Collection (a museum of steam engines, organs and fairground attractions) transforms into the Thursford Christmas Spectacular, the setting for a 3 hour show involving well over 100 performers singing and dancing that matches or even exceeds anything you could watch in London’s West End or on New York’s Broadway. From Irish dancing to ballet, from modern to jazz, the dancing and singing includes well-loved Christmas songs, songs from the musicals, contemporary music, etc. The simply huge stage accommodates exceptional musicians and we thought that the comedian and compere (Paul Eastwood) should frankly have a TV series of his own! Genuinely funny jokes that left the audience howling with laughter! The stage and in fact the whole site is lit up in what can only be described as stunning. And the audience size? Over 1,400 seats for each show which, over more than 6 weeks of performances, explains why millions and millions of people have experienced the magic that is the Thursford Christmas Spectacular over the past 42 years. 

As well as the auditorium, beautiful shops and eateries, there’s a beautiful Fantasy Land which is like walking through Santa’s grotto….but on a huge scale! There are moving penguins, polar bears, friendly clowns, seals, etc and it’s easy to walk around and get transported back to happy childhood memories. 

We only heard about Thursford when our neighbours mentioned it and it’s now very part of our Christmas. It might be a 6.5 hour road trip from Sussex, it might make for a very long day but it’s absolutely worth it! There were even people there yesterday afternoon from Canada and we’d highly recommend it to everyone. So, if you don’t live in the UK but are thinking about coming to the UK next Christmas, do factor in a trip to Thursford. This should be at the top of everyone’s Christmas bucket list!

Tickets for the 2019 season will be on sale on Monday 17 December and I’ve got a note in my diary to book! Last year, I booked my tickets just 4 days after they went on sale and couldn’t get the seats we wanted so do get in there early! 

If you’d like to find out more, check it out here

And if you too love Christmas, you might like to check out my Christmas bucket list and about when I fed reindeer!

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