Finally sharing my ‘about me’ page!

Hello guys on this very cold Wednesday evening. With much thanks to my latest follower, Georgie, I’ve finally got round to writing about me so the info below is going to become my new ‘About me’ page xx

You found me so welcome! If you’ve read some of my posts, you might be wondering who is behind the posts. What is she like? Why does she blog? So, here’s some info to answer some of your questions

Who are you?!

I’m the person who comes across as being rather quiet but who has a adventurous and rebellious core! I run my own consultancy firm in special education needs ( which I truly love and I’ve worked in this field for about 14 years. I’ve been very happy married to hubby since 1996 and we have two adult children. I volunteer for a Sussex-based charity once a week that supports children and young people with disabilities. I live in a village in West Sussex (in south east England).

Why did you start blogging?

When I was about 2 years off my 40th birthday, a close friend mentioned that everyone should buy a fabulous pair of jeans before they turn 40. You know, the ones that might stretch the budget a bit but make you feel as if you’re walking an inch taller. And it got me thinking. What else ‘should’ I do before I turn 40? Were there other things that we grown ups ‘should’ achieve?

Of course, there are no ‘shoulds’ and in the world of social media, it’s incredibly easy to compare ourselves to others and think ‘Wow, they’ve really made it’ but we will never know whether others look at us in the same way. So, rather compare ourselves to others, it’s far better to focus on ourselves and makes ourselves the best version of what we can be. And to find the things in life that make us smile.

And so my bucket list started leading up to my 40th where I did lots of things. Some cost money like travelling to Iceland but there were so many things that didn’t cost a penny. It was a matter of having the courage to ask others for help or to just get on with making things happen’. So, leading up to my 40th……..I wired a plug, milked a cow, co-hosted a radio show, hosted my own radio show, drove an HGV, drove a tractor, had a trial motorbike lesson, obtained 70 post-nominal letters from post-graduate training, etc., went to the Ice Bar in London, attended a belly dancing lesson, sat in the back of a police car, went in a police cell, saw a volcano, saw a glacier, performed at the London Street Piano event, was a counting assistant in the UK voting process (including for the EU referendum), wore a wig for a day, got 100 followers on my blog, went on a London Duck Tour, ate lunch in a prison, spent an evening at the Portsmouth Play Zone on adults night, went clubbing, took part in a musical flash mob, went on a cookery day course and then replicated the meal for friends, got my belly button pierced, ate a Brussel sprout, made a piece of jewellery and wore it at a social function, went to a betting shop and placed a bet on the Grand National…..amongst others!

And after having lots of fun, I’m now on my ‘50 list’!! And although we have had very challenging circumstances at home for a few years that can give us some grey days, it’s this bucket list that keeps me overall positive and find that little space of being ‘me’. And I hope others can tap into this too. Mental well-being cannot be overrated.

And, yes, I was positively walking on a virtual cat walk in those fabulous jeans!

How often do you blog and what do you blog about?

I think, like other bloggers, it’s taken a while to get into a pattern but I generally blog every Sunday and Wednesday unless I’m out. And what do I blog about? My bucket list! Please feel free to checkout the tabs on the top menu. 

Can you share any random facts about yourself?

Favourite food: enchiladas. Favourite famous person met: Brian Blessed. Favourite holiday: Hong Kong. Favourite football team: Liverpool. Favourite sport to watch: triathlon. Favourite film: Die Hard 2. Favourite music artist: mmm, between Meatloaf and Imelda May.  Favourite way to spend the evening: pjs on, watching TV with hubby. 

Why should I follow you?

I like to think that my outlook on life is a positive one and that I can find the positive in almost any situation.  I hope that I can inspire you to visit the places I go to, try new experiences and perhaps even start up your own bucket list! I mean, life is what we make it!

Can I find you on social media?

I’m really useless when it comes to social media and I couldn’t even describe Instagram, SnapChat or anything else similar! But I’ve recently set up a Facebook page called ‘Bucket List to Happiness’ that you’re welcome to follow (I do plan to post a bit more).

One comment

  1. Very good. Well-prepared and made. I always read peoples about-page. Many of them are interesting and reveal something interesting about the blogger. I missed some photos to complete Your great about-me-page.

    Have wonderful day!


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