The magic of Christmas in London

Hey guys

Well, I was in two minds about whether I should head up to London yesterday but the sun was shining and I was keen to see the Christmas lights, something that I haven’t done for many, many years. I love London at any time of the year but I think there’s something a little bit magical about our capital when the famous shopping streets are lit up.

But before embracing the Christmas magic, I thought I’d be a tourist. So, I walked over the Millennium Bridge to capture a photo of St. Paul’s Cathedral peeking just above the bridge if you stand near The Globe. And then I jumped on one of London’s many hop-on, hop-off tourist buses that take you around all the famous landmarks. I’ve gone on these type of buses in other cities like Paris and Barcelona but never in my own country. Pretending to be a tourist in your country can be fun and you can learn lots too! The one I went over Tower Bridge, past the Houses of Parliament and around Mayfair. I now get why it’s the most expensive street in the game Monopoly! Aston Martin, Bentley, Christian Louboutin, Victoria Beckham, Aspinal, etc. The area just oozed money!

The traffic was really heavy so I decided to get off the bus near Regents Street and Oxford Street, and I headed to iconic shores like Hamleys and Liberty. I absolute love Liberty which is a luxury department store and I found a stunning huge hot air balloon suspended in the atrium. On Oxford Street, I went to the flagship store of John Lewis as I’d seen a really cool photo on line of its bauble display! As I write this, I’m questioning how odd that sounds as who could get excited about baubles! Well, I do!! I loved the splash of colour in its baubles display but also the tinsel. The Christmas section was really cool and there was ‘Happy Sock’ Christmas tree was on the ground floor. On top of John Lewis is a small skyline skating rink but also various huts where you can eat and drink. Really cool just to have a look….yesterday was not the day to don my skates! The other thing I loved about John Lewis is free phone charging! Whoop! I’d left my battery pack at home so it was great to leave it in a locked cabinet that had various cables inside!

By the time I came out, it was getting dark and I headed over to Carnaby Street. This year, there’s a Bohemian Rhapsody theme with the lyrics of the song lit up as you walk down and the vibe was fantastic with so many people snapping away. The apple market at Covent Garden was also beautifully decorated with baubles and mistletoe hanging from the roof. The good thing about London on Sundays is that most shops are open from 12-6pm so you don’t need to worry about an early start. 

By this time, I was getting pretty hungry but I thought I’d check out a restaurant I’d heard about….Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. which is themed on Forrest Gump! It’s a fabulous place by Piccadilly Circus with loads of seating and pretty much shrimp! It’s not fancy food at all but I loved the whole set up and it was good to try once. On my table,  there were two metal plates. The blue one ‘Run Forrest Run’ was the one on display most of the time but if I needed a waiter to come over (like to order or pay), I could display the red one instead ‘Stop Forrest Stop”! The film is shown on a loop and there’s the film-related decor on the walls, ceiling, tables, etc. 

So, with feeding reindeer last Saturday and plans to do lots of other Christmas-related things over the next few weeks, I’m feeling very Christmassy indeed! I even saw Winter Wonderland being set up in Hyde Park which opens this Thursday although a taxi driver advised me to go at the beginning of the week as Thursday to Sunday gets packed. Might head up week after next and also see the Christmas display in Fortnum and Mason.

Have you got any plans to go to Christmas-themed places over the next few weeks? I’m working on Christmas bucket list so I’m keen to fit in as much as I can and I’d love to hear about your ideas!


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