I fed the reindeer. They’re ready to fly!

Having launched my Christmas bucket list just a few days ago, I ticked off one of the experiences yesterday….to feed a reindeer……and what a time I had!

The Reindeer Centre is located in Bethersden (near Ashford) in Kent and is home to around 30 reindeer as well as lots of other animals. Now, I think I was probably the only person there on her own and almost everyone else had young children with them but I guess doing my bucket list has given me the confidence to just enjoy experiences and not worry about what other people think. 

The Reindeer Centre is lovely! All the staff were dressed up as elves and there’s a 150ft grotto with lots of animated character that must completely fascinate young children. Santa Claus is there too! The non-reindeer animal section has a bearded dragon, snakes, etc. plus around 50 baby tortoises! I was watching one try to clamber out of a mini pond but it fell backwards, landing on its back and needing help from a member of staff to flip itself back over! But I was even allowed to hold it and I could feel its feet gently stroke my hand. It was about 2 months old but just tiny!!!! 

And then the reindeer. Oh. Wow! The reindeer looked magnificent although many of them had already been fed and were quite happy to just sit, looking around but one in particular was very keen to say hello. One of the members of staff showed me how to feed him so we gave him some type of pellet. The reindeer was quite happy to shove its mouth onto my palm and scoop up all the food. However, whilst they can carrots, their lower teeth are very small and therefore need carrots to be cut up into small pieces. The guy even fed the reindeer carrots using his mouth! Eew!! He also told me that when reindeer’s antlers fall off, they regrow in exactly the same shape which will be very unique…a bit like fingerprints.

The £10 entrance fee included a free mince pie and, if you buy a hot drink, you get to bring home the themed-mug! If you’re in the south east of England, I’d highly recommend checking it out.

So the Christmas bucket list has begun and, as I write this, I’m enjoying the sunshine and chasing the magic of Christmas in London. But more about that on Wednesday evening UK-time.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend



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