8,000 teapots. Anyone fancy a cuppa?

When thinking of the items that people tend to collect, I think about stamps, newspaper cuttings, vinyl, model railways, etc. but what I wasn’t expecting to find within an hour of my home is Teapot Island! Yes, this really is a place near Maidstone in Kent which has accumulated 8,000 teapots in its collection. Although I read online that it has thousands of teapots, it’s not until you’re there that you fully appreciate that number with teapots filling every nook and cranny!

When visiting yesterday afternoon, I had to walk through the shop in order to access the museum and even the shop was impressive! I said to the lady “Wow, this is amazing” and she pointed out that it was nothing compared to what I would find behind the door! And, as the door opened, there were rooms and shelves of every conceivable teapot! Animals, buildings, famous people, transport, children’s games, cartoon characters, everyday objects, etc. There was even a teapot from the TV programme which the winner of each episode receives! It took time to have a good look but even when walking out, I was noticing some amazing teapots that I must have not noticed. Fortunately, they’re all behind glass which, whilst it makes photographing them a bit tricky, at least meant that I didn’t need to worry about knocking any! I didn’t see how much it is for children but it cost £2.50 so a cheap afternoon out!

When I was in the Lake District earlier this year (which I loved!!!!), I was going to visit the Pencil Museum in Keswick. We Brits do like to be eccentric! Although I didn’t get to go, perhaps I’ll take hubby next time. And it’s not just about teapots and pencils here in England that might be some of the weirdest themed museums we have. There’s a dog collar museum at Leeds Castle, Bakelight in Somerset, lawn mowers in Merseyside, fans in Greenwich, cuckoo clocks in Cheshire, cinema-related in Kennington, witchcraft in Cornwall and mustard in Norfolk. And, oh, don’t forget Europe’s biggest collection of neon signs in Walthamstow called God’s Own Junkyard which I visited fairly recently. It was amazing.

On Wednesday, I’m going to tell you about……my Christmas Bucket List! I’m so excited about the things I’m going to share with you

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend


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