We bunked!! Ballet is not for us!

Hey guys

It is with great shame that I admit what hubby and I did last night…….we left half way through a show that we’d had booked since March! There comes a point where you have to think ‘Do we have to sit through another act or shall we bunk off and head to the fabulous-looking dessert place in town?“. We chose the later!


On my bucket list, I’ve had ‘go to the ballet’ for quite some time. I love watching all kinds of dance on TV, although I’m probably one of the few people who don’t watch Strictly. I’m more into one-off documentaries and performances on Sky Arts although I’m usually doing something whilst watching, like report writing. I noticed that the Russian State Ballet was coming to The Hawth theatre in Crawley last night to perform The Nutcracker. It wasn’t until we were on our way that we wondered what the demographic of the audience might be. Perhaps lots of teenage dance students? Perhaps lots of young children who would love the idea of watching a fairytale unfoldon stage? Perhaps lots of people my age who did ballet as a child and want to connect with their childhood again? Well, it looked as if we were two of the youngest people in the audience which did come as a surprise.

Now, with hubby and I both involved with theatre companies either now or in the past, we love the theatre but what we realised last night is that we love all the singing, the humour, the verbal interaction between the characters, etc. We love seeing a story unfold at a reasonable pace. There was no denying that the costumes last were beautiful, the set was nice, the orchestra was impressive and there were some great dancers but we found ourselves switching off. Actually, hubby nodded off a couple of times and I found myself wondering how long it was until the interval.

So, when the interval came, I had a proposition to put to hubby…..”Fancy bunking off and getting dessert?” There really was only one answer and as we headed to the car park feeling like naughty children bunking a school maths class, we weren’t the only ones appearing to leave. We don’t have many date nights due to the challenges we have at home and so even more reason to not waste a moment but I’m really glad we tried the ballet. Sometimes, it’s not until you try something that you realise whether it is for you or not. And hey, another bucket list thing ticked off.


There’s a dessert place in Crawley, West Sussex called Creams and I’ve driven past it so many times whilst noticing its sumptuous interior: dark purple, black, lots of pretty lights, etc. I’ve never been so last night seemed like a good time to check it out. The menu was incredible! Bubble pop waffles, cakes, crepes, gelato, cookie dough, etc. with every conceivable topping! And then you look at all the drinks. I mean, even the hot chocolate section had about 9 different options! I couldn’t finish my dessert as it was huge but we loved checking it out and making last night count.


And one other change of plan. I was meant to be heading up to London today to see Kusama’s exhibition. There are times when being a mum comes first and our 18 year old was saying on Monday how he used to love it when we were one of the most decorated houses in the village for Hallowe’en. Hearing the children say ‘That’s so cool” as they walked down the driveway was really fun. I started to think that perhaps we could do it again next year and, having given away our props, we could buy some more…..and then I suddenly realised that he’ll be away at university! Noooo!!! So, having placed a last minute order, I needed to stay in and make sure that I could a) sign for the order and b) set everything up as a surprise for when he got back from sixth form. And seeing his face made it all very worth while. I even carved a pumpkin for the first time ever…….another first for me! I’m really going to miss him when he goes to uni. He sat the Oxford University history apptitude test this morning which is part of the application process so fingers crossed. I’m really proud as he’s aiming high but he’s also applied to four other good universities (with one offer so far) that all look fabulous for studying history. Hopefully I’ll catch the art exhibition another time. It was the right decision.  We ended up with over 160 visitors trick or treating!


Happy hallowe’en everyone, xx

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  1. no shame in cutting your losses! That dessert menu looks sublime:) Also 160 people!! That’s so cool. Halloween really seems like a community get-together in the places that do it. It’s not so big in Australia. Great post!

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