Strange places to eat in London? Let’s be quirky!

Hey guys

A few months ago, I spent a very touristy day in London which was packed full of film-sets, famous markets and iconic London landmarks. However, yesterday, I headed back up to London for, erm, an alternative day that encompassed cereal, a secret fridge, Europe’s biggest pumpkin, Diwali and the most incredible setting for an Agatha Christie play! I love doing things that are slightly different!


IMG_0858Now, yesterday’s breakfast could not have contrasted more with the beautiful breakfast I had a few weeks ago when I watched sunrise over London from the 40th floor of the Duck and Waffle. That was a very classy morning where the staff made me feel very special and made the early start to the day more than worth it. However, I’d heard that there are two Cereal Killer Cafes in London (Camden and Shoreditch) and as you can probably guess from the creative name, they’re cafes that, er, sell cereal! Yes, you end up paying for a bowl of cereal that costs about the same as two whole boxes of the stuff. Situated in the Stables Market in Camden, I walked in to see a huge display of cereal boxes which included many from around the world. The next step is to choose the flavour of milk and there are so many on offer from salted caramel to bubblegum! Now, I don’t know whether it was because Hallowe’en is just a few days away but I walked into the eating area at the back of the shop and it was all dark. I mean, no actual wall/ceiling lights, just light emitting from some tiny TVs showing cartoons wedged between walls of colourful milk bottle crates. There were cobwebs and body parts hanging from the ceiling plus a rotating upside down clown’s head that was about 3 feet away from me. With the ‘cereal killer’ theme, is it like this all year round? I ate in the first area I came to but apparently the area towards the back has beds with duvets so that you can have breakfast in bed. So, there I am eating breakfast (that really wasn’t that nice) in a dark, dingy place surrounded by cobwebs, hearing thriller type of music and knowing that I’d paid well over the odds! Actually, I didn’t mind the cost as a ‘one-off’ but the actual place perhaps wasn’t my kind of thing at all. Yes, it’s good to step out of the comfort zone sometimes and we’ll put breakfast there down as “an experience”!

An added bonus of choosing to go to the Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden is that it’s an area that’s truly buzzing on a Sunday morning. I’ve never been to Camden before but I’ve often seen it on films as somewhere that looks really chilled and it truly didn’t disappoint whatsoever. The shops are very eclectic and decorating fabulously such as massive trainers on the front of the Adidas shop. There are markets selling every conceivable item. Even the mayor got talking to me and told me about the Amy Winehouse statue that I then went to visit. Although it was freezing, the vibe was really warm. Just amazing. So glad that I went.

Covent Garden is a stone’s throw away from Trafalgar Square and I heard that Europe’s biggest pumpkin is there and, well, why not! It was remarkable to see and I’ve no idea how it got that big. Weighing 1 tonne, it was grown in Hampshire and once Hallowe’en is over, the pumpkin will be taken back there so its seeds can be used to hopefully grow a bigger one next year. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to Covent Garden. In fact, the last time was when I did a musical flash mob with about 200 other people and we were followed by BBC news cameras. That was on my last bucket list and it was so cool performing there and two other venues. Covent Garden still has such a charm with its quaint shops, beautiful architecture, etc. 


Yesterday, I finally ticked something off my bucket list that I’ve been wanting to do for sooooooo long: I found the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town! This is a real thing, I can assure you. I’m not making this up! For lunch, I headed over to the Breakfast Club in Artillery Lane which appears to be a regular restaurant. The restaurant was packed and lots of people were queuing to get a table. Now, there’s a not-so-well-kept secret there. If you quietly ask one of the staff to speak to the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, you’ll be lead to a Smeg fridge! Yes, a regular-looking Smeg fridge. However, when you open the door, you find yourself heading down some stairs into a secret cocktail bar! What fun! There was hardly anyone there and it’s a much more intimate environment than the noisy restaurant above. The food was really good – I had choritzo hash which had peppers, mushrooms, feta, etc. And once you’ve spent as much time there as you want, you head out through another door which takes you to the toilets of the Breakfast Club so that no one in the restaurant sees you come out the fridge, thus protecting the element of surprise for others! What an absolute genius idea. Not only did lunch there meet my expectations  but they exceeded them too. Loved it!!

To save a really long blog with everything I did yesterday, I think I’ll wait a few days before telling you about the fabulous Diwali festival in Trafalgar Square and Agatha Christie play. I’ve actually got 2 weeks off work so I plan to get the right balance between much-needed chilling and doing things like the Russian State Ballet that hubby and I are off to see tomorrow night and then 89 year old Kusama’s amazing exhibition in London on Wednesday. I have to say that part of me is wondering if I want to go up to London again. Although I worked in London when I was much younger and thought nothing of jumping on the train 5 days a week, it’s funny how you can get out of the habit and whilst a single day is good fun, two days close together can seem like a lot of effort! Fingers crossed I’ll be feeling a bit different Wednesday morning.

Hope you all have a lovely week guys



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