Yayoi Kusama: an artist in London like no other

Hey folks

Do you ever notice that lots of people online are getting excited about something…about a person or event that you hadn’t heard of and you think to yourself “Is it me? Have I missed something?” Although I used to be an incredibly musical person, I wasn’t one of the many students in my school sixth form who studied A’ level History of Art or who seemed to be into the theatre, literature, etc. and therefore I’m don’t really consider myself to be that cultured! Of course, it can be quite easy for lots of hype to evolve online and we’re not actually missing out at all. But, sometimes, you can see something on your Facebook feed, do a bit of research and then realise, yes, there IS someone out there who millions of people have heard of. I need to catch up! I follow several groups and pages on Facebook such as Secret London which is brilliant to find out about unusual events happening in the capital and I saw that Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is currently exhibiting in London and people are desperately trying to get tickets!! The exhibition at Victoria Miro studio in London is completely sold out. However, I was on Facebook the other day and an alert came up saying that more tickets had been made available….so I clicked straightaway, secured a ticket and saw that all the newly available tickets had gone within 20 minutes leaving many people disappointed. And, what’s more, as part of the exhibition you get ONE MINUTE ONLY in the famous infinity room before enjoying the rest of the exhibits. So what am I doing?! Why am I getting excited about an artist that I didn’t know about until recently?! Who is this person?!

art 1

Yayoi Kusama is 89 years old and was really huge in the pop-art movement in the 1960s. When she was 10 years old, she started to experience hallucinations such as seeing huge colourful dots and hearing pumpkins talk to her, and you can see from pictures online how these experiences form the theme of much of her work. In fact, she has lived in a psychiatric hospital for 4 decades voluntarily but then goes to her studio over the road 6 days a week to work. And you’ve only got to look online to see how much she has exhibited over the decades, how she has broken records in terms of how much her works have sold for as a living artist, etc. Yayoi is not only exhibiting in London right now until December but in other major cities around the world. It’s only by reading more around her that I can see how she’s an artist whom people want to experience and whose story shows that it’s taken time for her to reach the global recognition that she now has. I really can’t wait to get into the infinity room although it may be hard to fully capture the effect through photos, especially with just one minute. But I’m sure that the cleverly-positioned mirrors will make me feel as if I’m floating in the universe. 

art 4

art 3

art a

What’s even better is that tickets are completely free but they are extremely hard to get hold of. If you fancy going, definitely follow Victoria Miro on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and then be ready to pounce straightaway!! I can’t wait to tell you all about it next week. Let’s see what photos I can take. And, although I say I’m not a cultured person, hubby and I will see the Russian State Ballet on Tuesday evening performing The Nutcracker so that’s a full on 24 hours of getting stuck into the arts!

Take care, everyone xx



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