My iPhone and I have won a photography competition!

Hey folks

How are you doing? Hope your weekend is going really well.

Well, I had an email completely out of the blue a couple of nights ago! I’d entered the village photography competition for its 2019 calendar and I knew that I was up against stiff competition as photos are always being posted on the village Facebook page, such as deer in the woods, unusual birds landing in people’s gardens, community events, sunsets, etc. but I thought I might as well enter. I’d taken a photo of the pond just down the road from our house when I was out searching bluebells a few months ago. I intended to use it only for my blog when talking about my village but then, when I read about the competition, I thought I’d give it a go. So, there were several rounds of judging and I am one of the 12 winners. I really can’t tell you how unexpected winning was! From the email I got, it looks like it’ll feature in May so whoop! And I’ll get a free copy.

FullSizeRender (12)

I’m also waiting to hear back from competitions in Canterbury and the Lake District. Up until about 15 months ago, I’d barely ventured out of the south east but my bucket list has taken me nearly over all of England and there are so many places that I’ve loved discovering. And it’s amazing how mobile phones have come on in their technology. These photos were taken from my last phone, an iPhone 6. I’m asking for a Nanozoom for my birthday/Christmas which attaches to a smart phone to, er, zoom in! I can’t wait to play with that! I like new toys! Here’s my entry to the Lake District competition.


After working yesterday morning in Reigate, I was keen not to just come straight home. Not that I was trying to avoid my family(!) but the sun was shining and I’m still trying to build my stamina after my recent fall. I don’t know whether any of you can relate but I love discovering hidden gems, especially when you find them in places that you think you knew really well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven through Reigate and gone around its one way system. Reigate in Surrey is a commuter town with trains taking you up to London in about 30 minutes. I recently zoomed in on my phone when trying to find a particular shop in the high street and could see’ Tunnel Road’ and ‘Reigate Castle’ suddenly pop up! What? A castle? What tunnel? And all of this on the one way system that I casually go round a few times a month!!!!  

IMG_0809 IMG_0810 IMG_0817

IMG_0811  IMG_0813


Tunnel Road has caves that open up a few times each year to the public and the tunnel itself is thought to be Europe’s first road tunnel built in the 19th century. It provides a short cut from the train station into the town centre, and is completely pedestrianised. The high street is lovely and full of rather posh looking shops although it’s quite busy. The castle is long gone although its cellar (in Baron’s Cave) is still accessible through tours led by by volunteers. But there’s a folly in the castle grounds built in Victorian times….although the way its built could easily fool people into thinking that it dates back to the 11th century. The folly is set in a public garden and I could imagine it’s somewhere nice to hang out with a picnic in the summer. Also, a stone’s throw away is beautiful Priory Park with tennis courts, skate park and the venue for many events during the year. So, although I’d just needed to pop into a shop on my way home from work, it was really good just to spend an extra 10-15 minutes and explore!

I’m trying to get into the pattern of blogging twice a week, usually Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon. However, next Sunday, I plan to go somewhere for the day….somewhere very exciting and I don’t plan to be home until quite late. But I’ll keep you in suspense over that! Let’s just say…I’ll be taking my passport 🙂

take care xx



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