My autumn bucket list


Hey folks

Well, here in the UK, the nights are really drawing in and it’s hard to believe that when British Summer Time ends at the end of the month, the clocks will go back an hour, giving us very long, dark evenings. Whilst I love summer, I also love creating cosy evenings in my pjs at home with lighting, candles, etc. I treated myself to various scented candles today including one that’s ‘honey and chocolate’. Yum! Autumn is most definitely here and, not due to finish until 21 December, I’ve got various things to look forward to. Here are my top 5 on my list.

1. The Isle of Wight


Last weekend, I went away for a night to Portmerion and Blists Hill Victorian Town, and it was striking how much I could fit in to about 30 hours away from home! Next weekend, I’m heading off to the Isle of Wight which, for those unfamiliar with the UK, is an English county just off the south coast. I’ll be going on the ferry from Portsmouth but you can also take a ferry from Lymington which is part of the New Forest in Hampshire. One of the Isle of Wight’s most famous landmarks is The Needles which is a set of 3 chalky rocks and you never know! I might even brave the chairlift taking me down to the beach at Alum Bay and take a boat trip up to the Needles themselves. So, yes, this isn’t necessarily an autumn event but it means another county ticked off on my quest on my bucket list to visit all of England’s counties.

2. The Ballet


I’m off to the ballet later this month! This has been booked since around March and I can’t tell you how excited I am as we’re just a few weeks away now. The Russian State Ballet is performing The Nutcracker at The Hawth in Crawley and my parents said that it’s amazing as it’s been on tour before. I did ballet as a child and sometimes watch dance on Sky Arts but I can’t wait to see the beautiful costumes of such a famous dance company. But it’s also a rare date night with hubby 🙂

3. Glow Wild at the National Trust


Putting any photos on here will not do this spectacular event any justice! At Wakehurst Place, in West Sussex, the grounds are transformed into the most magical, enchanting place which is lit up with lights, lanterns, fire, etc. and you’ll even see the UK’s tallest living Christmas tree. You walk around with a lantern to shine some light on the path in front of you and I don’t know……when I went last year with a friend, it just took me mentally to somewhere really almost child-like! I don’t know if that even makes sense! There’s even a stunning Bavarian-style area where you can toast marshmallows and eat lots of other interesting food. Here’s a link to the page where you’ll find the most beautiful promotional video: Click here about Glow Wild. This year, I’m heading back but with the family and I can’t wait as it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful!

4. Thursford Christmas Spectacular 


Thursford 2

Oh, where do I start about Thursford?! If you like Christmas and you haven’t visited before, you might just be able to get a ticket for the UK’s biggest Christmas show! Lasting around 3 hours, its 130 performers are truly as good as those in London’s West End and on New York’s Broadway. As well as the actual show, you can wander through Santa’s Magical Journey, visit the fabulous shops and even jump on a carousel. We went last year and had THE most amazing time. Again, there’s a fabulous promotional video about it here: Click here to find out about Thursford. If it’s too late for you to go this year, tickets for 2020 will go on sale fairly soon and the best seats will be snapped up within a matter of hours! This is even worth a trip if you don’t live in the UK, especially as you could tie it in with a visit to London!

5. Winchester Christmas market 


One of our favourite countries is Germany and perhaps next year we’ll make it to Germany to experience one of its world-renowned Christmas markets. However, in the meantime, Winchester in Hampshire often features in the list of the best Christmas markets in the UK and it’s made even more spectacular by being in the grounds of the cathedral. We went to a tiny market in Brighton last year and loved looking in all the tiny wooden huts at the various gifts, food, drink, etc. but this one looks far more impressive. And we’ll just have to eat crepes. There’s a rule!

There are so many more things I’ve got planned too including another weekend away somewhere in the UK, Sheffield Park (National Trust) whcih is spectacular in the autumn, going to the Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour and possibly a return after many years away to the beautiful Dickensian Christmas weekend in Rochester, Kent. I might even make it to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park in London. Gosh, so much to look forward to!


Hope you all have a good week. 



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