It’s World Smile Day tomorrow! What could you do?

Did you know that the first Friday of October is known as World Smile Day? Apparently, the concept was devised by an American called Harvey Ball who was an artist and he came up with the smiley face that we’ve all got to know. Well, the original smile was slightly different to the ones we tend to now see. As the picture below shows, the right eye is slightly bigger than the left and the arc smile is a tad bit wonky but it’s an image that has become ubiquitous. Tomorrow will be the 20th Word Smile Day.

Harvey 1

So, it’s got me thinking about what I can do tomorrow to put a smile on someone’s face or a few people’s. I do have an idea up my sleeve but you’ll need to read my next post to find out what I did in the end. You know, putting smiles on people’s faces doesn’t have to cost a penny. From holding the door open for someone in a shopping centre to letting in a driver on a busy road. From smiling at a person who’s feeling rather low to giving someone a compliment. Even taking a homemade cake round to a neighbour. These are things we can all do. 

And then there are things that might cost a bit, from offering to pay for the coffee that the person in front of you at Costa is about to buy to approaching a local charity and agreeing to fund match up to a certain amount. My first challenge ticked off my current bucket list was to pay for a stranger’s meal without them knowing who paid. I blogged about it well over a year ago but hubby and I saw a family and we could tell that they were slightly ahead of us with the meal. So, we explained to the waitress what we wanted to do  and after an initial look of ‘Er, what???‘, she completely got into it! When the time came for the bill to taken to the table for the family to settle up, it was brought to us instead. We said we didn’t want the family to know who’d paid as we weren’t after any thanks. In fact, we got far more of a buzz by doing this undiscovered. And it was really fun trying to look as if we were out for a casual meal whilst aware that a family was about to get a surprise! We really wanted to watch events unfold but instead had to rely on hearing the squeals of delight. They were so pleased and, once they’d left, the waitress came over to tell us how it’d gone. Mission accomplished! So, tomorrow, I’ll see if my tentative plans came to fruition. What could you do tomorrow? I’d love to know!

On the cooking side guys, I’ve managed not to poison my family so far! Whoop! This is my challenge to cook for my family throughout October which, for a non-cook, is torturous! I have to say that the idea of cooking terrifies me but I even did marinated chicken last night so I’m making progress. And another blogger on WordPress shared a fabulous recipe yesterday which I’m going to try at the weekend. As for today though, I’m going through out kitchen cupboards as there are a few bits out of date and I plan to defrost the freezer. I’ve a long way to go until I become a domestic goddess but I’ve finally learnt how to use the timer on the oven more than 2 years after we had the kitchen installed! Yes, I did say that I really don’t do cooking. Give me a tin of rice pudding, a tin opener and spoon and cold rice pudding straight out of the tin more than suffices!

Happy Thursday everyone xx


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