Portmeirion: A tiny piece of Italy in Wales!

Hey folks

Sometimes, a day trip or perhaps going somewhere for just one night can give you the sense of being away from home for a lot longer. My action-packed 30 hours’ break this weekend feels as if I’m actually had a week’s holiday…perfect!

In north Wales, there’s a stunning village called Portmeirion and was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975. Now, if you’re someone of a certain age, you may remember a 1960s TV series called The Prisoner. It was about an ex-secret spy who is abducted and imprisoned in an Mediterranean-looking village where his captors explore the reason for his sudden resignation from his job. He tries to escape the village but finds that all attempts to leave are thwarted. There was just one TV series of The Prisoner but there’s an annual convention in Portmeirion called ‘Number Six’ which was how the lead character was referred to. The photos online look amazing!

Do you ever watch something on TV and then find yourself overwhelmed or underwhelmed when you visit? Well, wow!!! I was blown away!! Portmeirion oozes colour and Italian architecture, making it a fabulous place to take photos. I’d kept an eye on the weather and I do think it’s a place where you really want the sun to be shining. The light bounces off the building’s walls, adding to the charm and the feeling as if you’re not in the UK! There are delightful shops and restaurants. And of course, if you’re in Italy, you have to eat pizza….so I did! There’s even a gelato parlour selling ice cream. 


There’s a super land train included in the entrance fee that takes you up to a vantage point allowing you took down on the whole village. Portmeirion has a couple of hotels in the grounds as well as some self-catering apartments and it’s next to an estuary giving the most incredible views. Ambling around the grounds was such fun and it’s definitely somewhere I’d like to head back to. Perhaps I should see if hubby would like to stay there. Along with the Treehouse Restaurant, Harry Potter World and the Lake District, this is definitely somewhere to take him.


Heading towards my hotel in Oswestry, I stopped off at another the Pontcysytlle Aqueduct which is a UNESCO site (so, that’s another tick off my bucket list!). Built by Thomas Telford, it carries the Llangollen canal. Luckily, I’m fine with heights but lots of reviews of TripAdvisor do warn people about walking on it as you’re faced with either the huge drop on one side and the risk of falling into the canal on the other! But by the time I went, there was barely anyone there and I arrived to see the sunset.


Staying in Oswestry, I had dinner in the restaurant next to the hotel and then had just enough time to watch X Factor before crashing out for the night. But today has been also so cool although I went somewhere that made me feel as if I was in a different era! More about that in my one of next blogs.

Before signing off, I need your help folks! I’ve talked on here before about a non-cook but I’ve set myself the challenge to cook dinner every night in October. I’m scared! I. Can. Not. Cook!! I was going to do this challenge in August but I cannot put it off any longer! I’ve a cook book where you just need 3 particular ingredients on top of ‘normal things’ most people in their kitchen cupboards. So, I’ll let you know how it goes and will take photos but PLEASE let me know if you have ideas of easy recipes. Really easy recipes!




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