‘Flying’ 450ft over Brighton!

What a beautiful morning!! I woke up early in the hope of catching sunrise over Ashdown Forest in Sussex but I couldn’t quite find ‘the’ spot. You know, the spot where it’s a beautiful view in itself and you have the sun slowing rising up over it and turning the sky the most stunning shade of orange. Whilst there are lots of beautiful views as you drive along, it would have been so handy if someone could have moved the car parks for me to make sunrise more convenient!!! 

However, with not working this week and it being so sunny, I was keen to do something. One of my photography bucket list categories is ‘from above’ with the idea of getting 3 photos taken on different days. With photos already taken from the Shard and Sky Garden, both in London, I headed down this morning to Brighton on the East Sussex coast to go on the British Airways i360. A slightly strange name I guess but it’s a public viewing pod that climbs up 450ft above the city, offering views over the English channel to the south, the South Downs to the north and Brighton and Hove beneath. In fact, you can even see Beachy Head in the distance which is somewhere I recently caught the most spectacular sunrise.

You may recognise this photo from a few months ago as I didn’t have time to ride on the i360 that day but I love this photo as I think it looks almost like a painting! I just had time to enjoy the seafront on the way to work. However, this is one of my 3 ‘from below’ photos and you can see the stunning reflection on its base.


However, today I got to go for a ride. Now, it’s a bit weird to be honest as people are wearing British Airways uniforms, you get a boarding pass and you then go through security! This is definitely something to do on a sunny day as you have a short wait on the terrace before boarding. Inside, it’s cavernous! There’s so much room to walk around and take photos. There’s even a bar where they appear to sell champagne, etc.,….a bit like the champagne bar up the Shard in London. Brighton is lovely and some of the buildings have pictures painted on their roofs, clearly for the passengers on the i360 to enjoy. Not every photo comes out super great though as it’s hard not to catch the reflection of the glass. But what a great trip. At the moment, it’s open until 7pm so if you go soon, you can go during sunset! Now, THAT would be a photo, eh?!


I’ve something really cool planned for tomorrow……if I wake up in time! Yes, I will have some quiet days during my week off where I might binge watch a TV box set but as I become more mobile again, it’s brilliant to get out there and enjoy! 

Hope you’ve had a good day


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