Our garage is, er, weird!!!

Hey folks

Now, I preface this blog by saying that my hubby has full knowledge of what I’m about to write. In fact, he positively encouraged me to choose this as my topic! With it being rather rainy outside, I was telling him that I was in the mood to tick something off my photography bucket list. This is where I have 50 categories and the idea is to take 3 photos of each one taken on different days. And with the ‘sports and games’ and ‘unusual’ categories in the need of photos, he suggested that I head into our garage!

If you have a garage, you may not necessarily use it for your car. I mean, it makes for a perfect space to hide things, giving the impression to visitors to the house that you’re super organised and tidy. You hope they don’t accidentally walk into the garage which may be crammed full of ‘stuff’ and you blow your cover as a minimalist! But when you come into OUR garage, you may see things you weren’t expecting.

Do the words ‘RPG’, ‘Warhammer’, ”character sheet’, ‘DC’ or ‘TPK’ ring a bell? Do you have boxes of dice with 8, 10, 16, 20 or even 100 sides? Do you have a rack of latex weapons on the wall of the garage and some shields, chainmail, costumes, etc. too? If you do, you may be a ‘ROLE-PLAYER’. Yes, I’ve said it. We have a role-player in the house who relishes the idea of getting together with friends 2 or 3 times a week sitting around tables with character sheets, tiny figures that have been meticulously painted, shiny shiny dice which everyone shakes in their hands for a good 2 minutes before rolling in the hope they will bring extra luck, etc. These aren’t games that you generally play for a couple of hours. No, no, no!! These games run for a good 12 hours! And it’s not just the games. It’s the emails, the texts, etc. during the week with each other discussing strategy about how to beat some demonic creature that’s threatening to take over a fantasy world. We have cupboards and shelves and boxes full of role-playing paraphernalia that is more extensive than the nearest Games Workshop. But this isn’t me playing. In fact, it’s not even the kids who do this every single week. It’s hubby! It’s my hubby who’s been doing this for about 40 years!!!! And whilst I don’t ‘get it’ whatsoever and whilst I REALLY would love to convert my garage into a ‘proper room’, I know it makes him happy and that’s good…….even if we do have over 4,000 of these characters, vehicles, etc.!!! It makes for interesting conversation when we move house and have to explain to the removal guys why we have these things! 


The charity quiz night from Wednesday was really good fun! In my last blog, I was worried that I was about to make a complete utter fool of myself, a bit like in the first Bridget Jones film where she is at the Law Council dinner quiz and is about to answer the question ‘What was the name of Madonna’s first UK single?’ So confident of her answer being ‘Lucky Star’, she tells her team to “take that knife, slice off my head and boil it for supper if I’m wrong“….only to find out it was ‘Holiday’. Well, thankfully no major embarrassment for me! With thanks to the travelling I’ve been doing on my bucket list, I was able to answer ‘Truro’ to the question ‘What is England’s most southern city?’ I also knew that the Troodos Mountains are in Cyprus, that Louise Brown was the first test-tube baby, that Michael Schumacher won 7 F1 championships, that the Circle Line on the London Underground is yellow and that Hugh Grant played the role of Daniel Cleaver in the Bridget Jones films! And we were with really super company which made for a great time out. We came out 4th out of 17 teams which is amazing!


It’s due to rain pretty heavily all day tomorrow but I’m going to head out somewhere and see what else I can tick off my bucket list. Mmm….I need 3 photos to do with music. I wonder where I can go. 

Have you ever thought about doing a photography bucket list? What would be on yours?

Happy weekend, everyone xx


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