What a tasty Tigger toastie I had….at Pooh Corner!

A few months ago, I blogged about discovering the famous wooden bridge made famous in the stories of Winnie the Pooh. Like many other fictional places within Hundred Acre Wood, the bridge is nestled into Ashdown Forest which covers 9.5 square miles of the Sussex countryside. Of course, there is an unwritten rule that when you go the wooden bridge, you ‘have’ to play Pooh Sticks by dropping twigs on one side of the bridge and seeing which stick is carried by the stream to the other side of the bridge first. This was a game that Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin loved playing together. You can read more about my visit just here.

Well, when I got home that day, I realised that there was a tea room and shop called Pooh Corner. So, after working this morning quite nearby, I stopped off and what a really charming place! It’s pretty much a wooden-clad house on the main road as you drive through the village of Hartfield and you’ll soon spot it as most people seem to come out holding onto a large, newly acquired cuddly toy! As well as soft toys of Winnie, Eeyore, Tigger, etc., there are thimbles, book marks, photo frames, etc. Not only are the shelves all themed but even the walls are covered with themed wallpaper! Oh and of course, there are jars of honey which you can buy. I bought a plain honey but I saw jars of honey with dates. Is that a thing?! 

The small garden outside was a lovely place to eat lunch and some of the menu was themed too. I went for a Tigger Toastie which was crammed full of cheese and ham, and rather good value. But you can have cream teas there too. All terribly quaint and English! The only issue is that the table for one was right next to a bee hive and there were moments when swarms of bees came to check out my lunch but a quick brush of the hand sent them on their way. I had a Diet Coke but the couple next to me had hot chocolates in cute Winnie the Pooh cups and were ever so obliging when I asked if I could take a photo for my blog! But it was really super way to combine a working morning with having some ‘me time’!


For the past two days, I’ve been working in Crowborough which has a large statue of Sir Conan Doyle right in the centre and there are lots of references in the town to his works, like Cafe Baskerville!. But to get to Crowborough, I’ve had the joy of driving through Ashdown Forest with so many sheep ambling across the road or just sitting on the road quite happy to hold up any cars! Beats sitting in traffic in a busy city 

So, I’m starting to refocus more on my bucket list and will tell you about some really exciting stuff I’ve got coming up over the next few months.

Have a good weekend, everyone. We’re off to a meal tomorrow night with the extended family for the 3rd of 3 birthday celebrations for our little one’s 18th birthday! What are you up to? Hope you’ve got nice plans or just enjoying letting the time pass without any place to be


(P.S. And I’m a tiny, tiny fish in the huge ocean of blogging so it’a miracle that anyone reads my stuff but I’ve just gone beyond 100 followers including people through email and I’m really chuffed. Thank you! xx)


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