Immersing myself in all things Hobbycraft!

Hey folks, how are you? 

Whilst I’m on day 26 of crutches (and am now officially climbing the walls!), I am making progress and I was in less pain yesterday so I hope that my usual service will resume shortly where I’m gallivanting all over the country exploring unusual places. I miss my car! I miss the radio (although, as hubby pointed out this morning, I could just listen to it at home!) It’s a little hard to blog about one’s bucket list when confined to four walls. However, I mentioned last week that having to stay seated has encouraged me to be a bit creative and release my inner child that’s never gone that far away to be honest….and my second delivery of Hobbycraft goodies turned up yesterday. Even though I knew what I’d ordered, there was still excitement about what could possibly be in the box!!!!

Unusually, I’m COMPLETELY up to date with report writing for my work. It’s the first time for 6 years and of course THIS would be the perfect moment to treat myself to a trip away and just fun and more fun. After my fall, the universe is clearly playing a prank on me! But yesterday was great just to be a child for a few hours, casually painting, cutting and drawing with no expectations of creating some magical masterpiece. It didn’t matter if I created something pretty rubbish.

Hobbycraft sells unglazed bud vases for £2 each that are 10cm tall. I bought 3 and one has had a glossy layer of glitter paint applied (which is currently drying) but I used some ceramic pens to do this bird and twig design. Here’s my Blue Peter moment of showing you the before and after photo! Ta dah!

FullSizeRender (6)

There’s a place near here where you can either do pottery classes or take along your own creations and have them glazed. I won’t bother with these but it’s always good to know. I recently saw a young lad who was supremely talented in pottery and it sounds as if he spends a lot of time there. Whilst the website has pictures of happy children, I’m guessing that there must be some events for adults perhaps in the evening or during the school day. A glass of wine and pottery sounds like a great way to spend the evening!

Now, the problem of buying a few things online is that your index finger can get rather trigger-happy clicking things you really don’t need. And if you’re not physically handing over money, it doesn’t count, right?! I saw a wooden bird box with a drawer for £6 and so yesterday I just spent time seeing how I could make it appear different with things I already had in the house. And here’s another before and after! I don’t even need this but it was good fun nonetheless.

The other thing I did yesterday was to display some of my photos I’ve taken over the past year and include some family shots too. So, I bought that this frame from Argos for £15 (I like their same day delivery service!) and had fun putting this together. From, the Palace of Versailles to the Old Naval College in London, from a sunrise over Beachy Head to my first visit to the Lake District just weeks ago.


With it being our anniversary today, hubby and I are off out to dinner tonight which we can’t wait for and it means I get out of the house And, with a ticket to go back to the drive in movie in Kent to see the new Mamma Mia film on Sunday evening, wouldn’t it be great if my leg could miracously recover in time because, right now, I’m not driving. Soon, I’ll be back on track, blogging from a rented beach hut in Cornwall or camper van in the middle of Lincolnshire or such like!




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