Showing those photos stored on our phones!

Hey guys

How are you doing? Hope your week’s going well, whether you’re on your summer holiday, working today or just doing ‘life stuff’.

A moment of self-pity here! It’s day 16 of being on crutches and I can’t say how much I miss just being able to jump in my car and have days out. I love discovering somewhere new, doing my TripAdvisor reports, taking photos, etc. However, being home has encouraged me to do some creative things that I can do sitting down and, actually, it’s been rather fun!

My photo book arrived today and I’m SO pleased with it. I don’t know about you but I had well over 1,000 photos on my phone which are, of course, great to look back at. But I’ve been aware that should I lose my phone or it just stops working, that’s over a year’s worth of photos gone from some amazing adventures trips. These include my cruise on P&O Ventura, my road trip around northern England and into Scotland, my stay in a riverside house in Dinan (France), my action-packed day in London where I checked out loads of filming locations, went to the Sky Garden, etc.  And then there are all the shorter day trips to Painshill, the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Gardens and capturing a stunning sunrise over Beachy Head in East Sussex.

If you want to see how action packed my time has been, you can read a summary here. It was written back in June and I’ve done lots since then but it’ll give you a flavour about the things that make me tick! And you can always check out more recent posts for things like God’s Own Junkyard, the Olympic Stadium in London and having afternoon tea at the real ‘Downton Abbey’.

I tend to think that photos evoke memories using all our senses, more so than just thinking back to being there so I really didn’t want to lose them. However, I now have about 400 photos in a printed photo book which I did through Vistaprint and I’m chuffed to bits. I am just so pleased to have this. It’s not cheap creating something this big…..but I think it’s worth every penny.

image8 (4)image7 (4)image6 (5)

I’ve entered a photograph competition for our village’s 2019 calendar as I took a shot of the pond (set in woods) earlier this summer which came out quite well and I thought I might see if there are any competitions for the Lake District. It was my first visit there in May and it’s SO on my list to go back to with hubby. Growing up, I travelled all over the world but I’m now discovering that this country has so much to offer. Here are three of my favourite photos from May:

FullSizeRender (4)IMG_3934IMG_3858

Now, this will give some indication about how much I’m climbing the walls here but I actually designed our Christmas cards last week! Yes, I know. It’s August. Yes, I know. I’m mad! But with some photos taken last year and a very funny festive photo from a few years ago, I thought they’d be fun to share with others. Again, I did this through Vistaprint. 

What else have I been doing? I created a new display piece for the dining room using some artificial flowers and test tubes, and I did a quick paint job on a small terracotta paint for colouring pencils that visiting children have already used. And today, I’ve been doing a couple of paints jobs on an old IKEA candle holder-type thing. It’s currently drying in the garage after applying matt black spray paint before I add some detail later on. It will go to the tip next time I go but I just wanted to play a bit really!

image3 (6)image4 (6)image1 (5)image2 (6)

I’m REALLY hoping that I’m going to be able to go Cornwall in a couple of weeks’ time where I have some brilliant things lined up but I’m going to see how I go. I’m actually in quite a bit of pain so doing these creative things has been good for the soul. AND I’m even pretty up-to-date with report writing for my work so, that’s a bonus. 

Happy August everybody xx





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